Angela Peralta

Angela Peralta


I am the original creator of the " Alternative Tropical Sound" I have worked on my sound for decades. Influenced by my background: Cuba, New Orleans, New York and by the cream de la cream in music, Latin as well as american and British Pop. I write in many genres with my ahinlternative touch always.


My sound is a melting pot of influences and cultures. It's the best of both the Latin and the American. I have done in music as I have done in my life, taken the best of both cultures. The Passion and rhythm of Latin and the subtle and "Less is more" from the American pop music. I have created the missing link to the bi-cultural world most of us live in. I have had comments like " If this was out I would have it at home" People identify with my songs. I truly believe that I have a unique sound and .though I have worked on it for a long time the times have finally caught up with my ideas. Thank you.


If Only I could

Written By: Angela Peralta

I'd like to think that you don't understand, what you're doing
and I'd like to think that you are unaware of the pain that you're causing
I cannot believe you're so cruel
that you laugh while I bleed that you enjoy the unraveling of my soul
It's to the point of survival
It's to the point of closing the chapter, without looking back
If only I could, If only I could
I can't go on in this perplexity
not knowing not hearing
an uttered word from your lips
a winner you are there's no doubt
a loser I am at your mercy
Your biggest trophy yet,
be proud, to have my head
hanging around in your realm
HOw helpless I feel, beaten and robbed in the halls of despair and you? What is of you I wonder....
So galantly walking in your glory
accepting yet another crown
not knowing the devastation
you left in your path....
That I by chance crossed and left my mark
a trail you had to follow, a vengance I guess you justified, as it's my assumption I must have left you unwell and the desire took over your head paying the toll for this crossing with blood
( bridge)
So I numb my senses
to ease the pain
and I roam aimlessly
to hide the hurt
( chorus)
Taunted and played by this cat
and as I'm left to die
he picks me up for yet another round
mistakenly I pretend to escape
knowing there is no way out
all is " hearsay"We'll be as one
someday, somewhere, somehow.


I have not released anything yet. I'm presently working on some of my Spanish songs. One salsa and a balad set to be recorded by a new up and coming young artist.

Set List

"Enciendeme" "Reward" "El Mundo" " La Cubana" Without a Heart, Temptation, Se lo Dejare al Destino, If Only I could, So tell me, FIre!