Angela Savvas

Angela Savvas


Stinging lyrics paired with smooth melodies and soulful singing over a playful interpretation of folk/blues


According to the magnified subjective views of my family, I started singing to communicate. My aunt boasts that it was as early as my exit from the dressing room (mama's womb) and entrance onto main stage (God's world). I can't remember when I started, so I take that as truth; you can do what you want with the info.

I've quit singing and tried this, then quit singing and tried that. The thing about quitting is you gotta have the guts to stay outta the game. This weak little kitty keeps meowing for more a dat music milk.

As far as influences, all I can fairly say is I got Fiona Apple in my head, Joni Mitchell in my heart, Lauryn Hill and Ray LaMontagne in my soul, Bonnie Raitt in my ears, and Paolo Nutini and Jeff Buckley always on my lips.


riffs on ipanema

Written By: Angela Savvas

you cant love someone you hate
no you cant love someone you consider a mistake
im so tired of being second rate
always humble pie to poor mans cake

sneaking eyes cant see insides
truth it aint a thing to be seen
and wandering hands cant feel a spirit
but they can tear away her wings