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The best kept secret in music


"Review By Karl Stober: JazzTrenzz : A Little Bit Of Sugar Angela Scappatura"

Just when you think you have heard the best as you sort out the rest another artist enters your collective library that turns an ordinary day into a matchless revelation. In keeping with my hesitance to compare, lets just say Canadian native Angela Scappatura is the essence of a settled blues siren, mature in most ways with that mix of soulful jazz. The style is just what one orders for those philosophical evenings alone. This is a ticket one would pay at any price to encounter.. Yes Ms. Scappatura is that little bit of sugar in that hot cup of jazz. Debut project “A Little Bit Of Sugar” introduces many emotions and sends one on a delightful roller coaster of sensual emotions. The range of her vocals along with the multitalented sounds fits all too well the moments expressed in song. Take great notice in the string work of Danny Weis [God Bless The Child] and the ivory express of Michael Fonfara which without question applies that special signature to this project.There is no one cut that jumps out for they all have an impact on the success of this recording however two seem to bring for the fervor of this musical event. “I Want a Little Sugar In My Bowl” fit’s as the title track. A blues feel with a fine string /keyboard mating. Ms. Scappatura’s treatment of range and style throughout this piece just stokes the fires within the listener. Ellington’s “Sophisticated Lady” is stunning with the vocal of Ms. Scappatura dressing it up. Great mix of blues/jazz vocal presentation. The sax serenade of Pat Carey adds just the proper ambiance to this memorable cut.One must also comment on one of the featured artists own cuts “Carried Away” which will be received with praise. “Carried Away” has that angelic touch to it but not ignite that obsession of wanting. Its worth noting. Ms. Scappatura states, “Its impossible to romance and heartache without lovers” . She prove not only her talent but her point very well with this debut gem. In my eyes this is an extraordinary listen, so do so. -

"Review by Sarah French: Angela Scappatura - A Little Bit of Sugar"

Here is a partial list of items you may need before listening to ‘A Little Bit of Sugar’ from newcomer Angela Scappatura. · Ice Cubes· Fan · MopThis CD is hot. In fact, it is scorching. Showcasing the outstanding vocal talents of Ms. Scappatura, the CD opens with a steamy, updated version of Nina Simone’s “I want A little Sugar In My Bowl”. Modernized by the electric guitar from Danny Weis, and killer piano chops from veteran keys man Michael Fonfara. It is a great choice for the opening track and it sets the mood for the rest of the CD. An up-tempo version of “Summertime” is also good indicator of the pure aural joy found in this disc. “Je Cherche Un Homme” is a sweet ditty, which is sung mostly en francais. An a cappella intro into the Bluesy “Feeling Good” is arresting, followed by the band with precision timing and mood. This track is certainly one of the highlights on ‘A Little Bit of Sugar’. “Swing Baby” is an original from Ms. Scappatura; it is subtle, sexy, devilish and sweet rolled into one song. This is a really fun song that is lyrically and musically flawless. A fresh take on “It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)” is another fine example of the wonderful vocal style of Angela Scappatura. It is a great track to close this CD with. I highly doubt that Ms. Scappatura could have chosen better supporting musicians for the recording of this project. All throughout the CD is very prominent boogie piano from Michael Fonfara, which adds to authenticity and vivid modernism. Blistering guitar work is provided by Danny Weis, who adds a subtle rock element to the disc, and performs with impeccable cleanliness. Another vet, Garth Vogan, provides the killer bass lines and drums are courtesy of Mark Mariash. Although there are many standards on Angela Scappatura’s ‘A Little Bit of Sugar’, there is nothing standard about the disc. It has many surprising elements – it is Blues, Jazz and Rock n’ Roll, with a touch of swing for good measure. Visit for more information on Angela, tour dates and, of course, to purchase this CD. -

"CD Reviews By John Gilbert"

Brother Ray said "Everybody understand the blues" and I'll tell you onething, Angela Scappatura gets the message and she delivers "A Little BitOf Sugar In My Bowl" as good as anyone who ever sang it, includingBessie and Nina. Scappatura's diction is flawless and bears witness tothe fact that one doesn't have to affect an accent to make the bluesstrut and sashay into your heart and soul. This tune will put an ache inyour heart and a smile on your face. In this world of wanna be jazzsingers, Angela Scappatura stands out like a bottle of Jack Daniels at aMorman wedding. Solid backing by the band is an added plus. "Carried Away" an original penning by Scappatura, gets right to the cruxof romantic longing. She puts heat and passion into the lyric and itsimply pulses with life. This singer understands that merely singing thewords is not the ideal, one has to bring the lyric to life and she makesevery word hit home."Je Cherche Un Homme" (I Seek A Man? Where Is a Man?) I have traversedmany a Parisian thoroughfare and sipped wine in too many French nightspots not to be entranced with this lovely tune sung in a mostprovocative and stylish manner. Scappatura really smokes this song tothe max., it gets no better than this."Swing Baby" Scappatura weaves a tapestry of pure magic in this ode tohow a lady holds sway over a man...The maxim is clear in a mostsubstantive manner. This is an unusual song both in meter and style andthis very uniqueness makes it interesting as it goes right to the heartof hip."Sophisticated Lady" Mr. Ellington is smiling somewhere as AngelaScappatura wrings the bottom out of every note. It is enough to "epaterles bourgeois" in it's beauty and sophistication.A talented ensemble and a singer blessed with all the tools of the trademake this album a treasure for all discriminating.collectors. 5 STARS, Do I hear 10?
Visit California Coast Jazz At: -

"Hamilton Region Review"

Angela Scappatura is a homegrown Canadian jazza-teer diva, so to speak. This beautiful, authentic classically trained singer is a breath of fresh air. Her indie bold, go get’ em attitude is delicately crafted on her debut album entitled “A Little Bit of Sugar”. Miss Scappatura holds her note gracefully at the end of ‘Feeling Good’ and it made me want to hear more soulful grunting on her part. I feel she can push her soul through her voice more in the future, hopefully. This 10 song independent release is VERY jazzy and laid back. Scappatura wrote two songs and paid homage to numerous other artists’ work, such as Nina Simone, Gershwin, and Billie Holiday, among classic others. I personally live hip-hop and I make Urban music, and have an ear for the Urban/R&B possibilities she could fulfil. In the mean time I will be sampling Angela in the near future for pure pleasure and non-profitable purposes. Who knows since this Changer and Angela are both in Ontario, maybe you’ll be hearing her on one of my songs at Changer Hip Hop Music or Soundclick. A Little Bit of Sugar is just that, as well as a cocktail party background pleaser. For more in depth details of this sultry lady, and to buy the cd, visit her site. Cop this c.d. before the majors come a knocking to dwindle her Universal profits -

"Soulful sounds from Sudbury Up-and-coming jazz star releases debut album, A Little Bit of Sugar By John Hanan"

Sudbury, a northern Ontario city known more for its nickel deposits than its singing sensations, may one day become as synonymous with Angela Scappatura as Timmins is with Shania Twain.Scappatura, now a transplanted Torontonian, grew up in the frigid north and, like the country crooner, began singing publicly at a very early age. By the time she was six, Scappatura was organizing backyard concerts while studying classical voice and piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music."There's such a vibrant art community up there, you wouldn't think it, but there is," said Scappatura about her hometown, to which she often retreats from the hectic pace of the big city. With only a couple of clubs not catering to country music, Scappatura knew she'd eventually have to head south. "But even in Toronto, the jazz musicians outnumber the venues by quite a large number," she explained.While in high school, Scappatura taught herself guitar and experimented with folk music before returning to the sounds of her childhood. At the Scappatura family home, her father would always have a record of opera, jazz or musical theatre playing in the background. "People are generally shaped by what they listen to as children," said Scappatura. "And I don't quite hear the same raw soul in more mainstream music."Raw soul is what she belts out on every track of her debut CD, A little Bit of Sugar. She's hoping the album starts to receive more mainstream attention after she appeared at a couple of jazz festivals last summer and spent the past few weeks being interviewed on TV and radio, plugging her music.Musically, Scappatura's biggest influences are jazz legends Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone. But her influences and interests extend beyond the soundstage. Although she initially enrolled in York University's music program, after her third year her interest began waning and she decided to major in political science instead. "I felt I just needed to discover new parts of me and explore my other interests," said Scappatura nonchalantly. She ended up volunteering with the old Progressive Conservative Party while on campus, but nowadays prefers to remain non-partisan."No one political party represents how I feel on each issue. I prefer to sit back and look at each policy rather than restrict myself to a certain ideology," she said. Living without regrets is her personal motto, and Scappatura wonders if she would have remained a musician had she not dropped out of the music program.Her album doesn't contain any political message, as she is mostly inspired by relationships, not by rancorous legislative debates. However, she has a message for all those listening: "The message I have is you have to do what makes you happy. You can't let others dictate what you should be doing. Life is too short to be lived based upon other peoples' expectations." Scappatura has supported her singing career while working as a waitress and receptionist. "It's really, really scary trying to make it as a musician," she said, "but I'm going to continue giving it a shot."Last week she played The Degrassi House with a diverse collection of artists to raise funds for UNICEF. For more information on upcoming shows, or to buy the album, visit - Tandem Magazine

"Toronto Star John Terauds- A Little Bit of Sugar"

Many an artist has tried to wobble in the footsteps of Nina Simone and Billie Holiday, but few have succeeded - usually because they try to hard to be like these inimitable, much-missed divas. Young Toronto vocalist Angela Scappatura takes a smarter approach, putting a spin that's uniquely her own on such standards as "A Little Bit of Sugar in my Bowl," "It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)," "God Bless the Child," and "Summertime." There are also a couple of pleasant tracks penned by Scappatura herself. This is a smooth, refreshing disc that bodes well for Scappatura's cool presence. Great instrumental backup includes hot guitar work by Torontonian Danny Weis. The singer has numerous upcoming Toronto area dates, starting with a performance at the Distillery Jazz festival on May 27.
- Toronto Star


'A Little Bit of Sugar'- Album Released February 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


While only a year has passed since leaving Northern Ontario for the wilds of Toronto to record her debut CD ‘A Little Bit of Sugar’, Angela Scappatura has received the kind of acclaim and recognition that seasoned artists have worked years to attain. Her debut album ‘A Little Bit of Sugar’ is the culmination of the tenacity, talent and charm that Angela continues to exude and is merely a glimpse of what this "Diva-in-Waiting" is capable of. With a release that has set the Canadian jazz and blues scene ablaze with its romantic, yet sultry elegance, Angela has firmly taken her place in the hearts of admirers everywhere and, like any gifted artist, has left them longing for more.
Angela Scappatura has spent the past year delighting audiences across Canada with her blues infused jazz. Through this time she has won a Northern Ontario Music Award, performed at the Toronto Jazz Festival as part of Bill King’s Real Divas, The Canada Walk of Fame Gala as well as the Beaches, Distillery and Port Credit Jazz Festivals. Other venues include The Montreal Bistro, The Rex, and The Capitol Centre.
Since the February 2005 release of ‘A Little Bit of Sugar’ in Toronto, radio play has steadily grown with tracks airing on Jazz fm 91.1, national and local CBC broadcast radio as well as privately operated stations across Ontario. Angela has also appeared live on a number of radio and television shows including TLNT, Canada AM, Fresh Air (CBC) and bluz fm on Jazz fm 91.1.
In ‘A Little Bit of Sugar,’ produced by Michael Fonfara (Downchild Blues Band, Lou Reed, Foreigner) and recorded by Juno Award winning engineer L. Stu Young (Prince), Angela Scappatura combines traditional jazz standards, old blues and original music to create a sweet soulful sound all her own.

“Angela gets right to the crux of romantic longing. She puts heat and passion into the lyric and it simply pulses with life.” John Gilbert

Angela Scappatura’s love affair with music began at an early age while growing up in the Northern Ontario city of Sudbury. The frigid winters were warmed by the constant melodies rising from her father’s record player, “Whether it was opera, jazz or musical theatre, music was always lingering in the air at our home.” This atmosphere proved ideal for Angela to discover her own voice. At the age 6, she began studying classical voice and piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music. Invitations to perform quickly followed and Angela soon became a regular at local restaurants, clubs, theatres and festivals. With a rabid passion for performing even at such a young age, Angela would do just about anything to be onstage.
Angela Scappatura began writing music, studying guitar, and experimenting with a variety of music styles. By the time she enrolled in Toronto’s York University to study for a BFA in music, her passion was intact but focus waning. Having been immersed in music performance and study for the greater part of her life, Angela decided it was time to step back and direct her attention to a much less explored passion, politics, continuing her academic career at York University as a Political Science major.

“There comes a point I think when most artists settle into themselves and discover what really motivates them. Music was all I knew, I had been singing and studying it pretty much everyday as far back as I can recall. So it was important for me to take the time I did to rediscover what truly moved me in the first place.”

Through this, Angela Scappatura continued to write, and listen. In this time she studied jazz from a different more personal perspective and gained a new respect for those who influenced her in the beginning. Following her last year of Political Science at York University and a number of regular performances in both Toronto and Sudbury, Angela chose to establish what had always been her first love as a full time career.