Angela Wallace

Angela Wallace


Sit Angela down with a guitar or piano, and the homegrown songs of a smalltown girl with a big heart will take you by surprize. Hooked on rich lyrics and fresh melodies, Angela's greatest gift is her ability to draw you in with her sincere voice.


These past four months I have loved and lived wading the waters of the music business in none other than Music City. As we speak, the finishing touches are being completed on seven new songs that I wrote in the past year. I am so excited about these tunes, and the way they have come together. It all started back in 2004 when I happened to send my demo to a Nashville based producer who runs an artist initiative during the summer months. I was chosen from hundreds of demos, and my way was paid to go for a week to meet and greet industry insiders. One thing led to another, and before I knew it labels were expressing (and are still expressing) interest in my art. In order to pursue songwriting, especially co-writing, I packed my guitar and made my way to the home of the Grand Ole Opry. It was one of the best artistic experiences of my life. I am looking forward to everything that is to come as I continue to write and make music with people I am lucky to call friends.


Grace (2005)

Written By: Angela Wallace

Looking back at our memories
Walking through the years
Moments when you came to kiss us
Moments without fear
In the days when the clouds would part
To show the smile on your face
Those rare little moments of, grace

Then one day the sun did not rise
And you lost the light in your eyes
Innocence became a mystery
Loveliness was history
On the day you traded in the
Hope and faith
For those rare little moments of, grace

Shut your eyes
Go on and cloes them tight
And if you try with all your might
You'll find those days and nights of

Unfaithful (2003)

Written By: Angela Wallace

Your voice is the sweetest sound
I've ever heard
My Bright Morning Star
You're my song, you're my all
And after I have ran away
I protest I say,
Where have you gone
With you is where I belong

The silence is so loud
That I fall down
I fall down
It's a deafening sound

I fail to return cause I refuse to learn
That with you I am safe
And I'm happy
I like to believe that all I need is me
I'm drowning in my disbelief

The silence is so loud
That I fall down
I fall down
It's a deafening sound

I come crawling back
The unfaithful second half
Hoping you'll sing for me again
And you sing for me a song
That you wrote while I was gone
That tells the tale of steadfast love

Your song is so good
That I break down
I break down
It's a beautiful sound

How Great You Are (2004)

Written By: Angela Wallace

Sew me together with threads of grace
Make me a garment, a garment of praise
Break me to pieces, destroy my shape
Rake from the ashes, beautiful things

I could never know, How great you are
I could never know, all you have in store
But I won't try that hard,
Because this is more
How great you are

Designer of mercy, author of me
Make me a story, a story of peace
Tear out the shadows hiding in wait
Expose all the darkness and hardness in me

You are the shelter from any storm
You are the lover who's loves safe and warm


2001 - Angela Wallace/Brian Wallace
2003 - Bright Morning Star
Coming Soon in 2006 - Unreleased/Untitled
Featured BGV's - Ginny Owens, Long Way Home (2005)

Set List

Pull Up a Chair
Rest Now
When You Wake Up

The length of my set varies, depending on the type of show I am playing. I rarely do cover tunes, unless I am expected to fill more than one and a half hours. When I do, I cover Patti Griffin, Sheryl Crow, Michelle Branch, Jill Paquette, and others.