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Angel Drift

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Angel Drift"

Angel Drift is a rock band hailing from Toronto, Ontario. Listening to the tunes on their Myspace page I hear solid musicianship mixed with a voice that is strong and pleasing to the ear. These artists know what they are doing. It is great to hear music that sounds like music and can be enjoyed at all times.

I couldn’t find out a lot about Angel Drift but according to their blog the band should have an album out soon. Although they are unsigned at present with these sounds, good promotion, lots of determination and a little luck, it shouldn’t take long for Angel Drift to have a label and be on their way to stardom. - Karen Magill - bcgrown-contentwriter


Angel Drift formerly an electric rock band My Fatal Pride (Spit Yourself a Heartbreak)

Single "Still I Lie"

Live recording streamed on CRSJ (British Columbia radio station)



Angel Drift is an acoustic oriented rock n roll band currently based out of Toronto, Ontario that was spawned from the collaboration of Emanual Jade (Vocals) and Madixx (Rhythm Guitar). Emanual's mesmerizing vocals and constant drive to push the limits of the bands songwriting combined with Madixx' unique style of songwriting and flavour for the unconventional brings Angel Drift into a style of their own.

Emanual Jade and Madixx have travelled, performed and recorded music from East Coast to the West Coast of Canada and down to the depths of Florida. They have landed in Toronto to re-group and begin a new venture with a fresh new set. With songs like Holy Roller, Starlet and Shilah (soon to be released on the bands debut album) Angel Drift captivate the imagination and stir up emotions belonging to even the most stoic of listeners.

Angel Drift are currently re-forming with plans of touring and are in the process of recording their debut album "Love and Misadventure".

We are now seeking musicians who believe they can add to the music and push their talent to make the song speak on its own. You can be ready to have Angel Drift take the stage once again in January 2009.

"Would you forgive me if I tear this apart? Because it ends here on your boulevard."

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, stones, rhcp, tool, frank black and the Catholics, faith no more, GG Allin, Elton John and tons more that we can't get enough of.