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The best kept secret in music



An absolute dream. And it's no coincidence. Angeles Drake soars with the best of them, plunging into the watery depths of signature Brit pop, including nods to Coldplay as well as echoes of the Doves and Radiohead, they find that cushy, padded little pocket of perfect maleable guitar texture, weave in a kind of distant but nuanced vocal quality and a giagantic composite swirl that leaves their listeners pleasantly stunned and taken aback. If you opt for pop you can fall backwards into, this is your pick. - CDBABY.COM

"angeles drake"

angeles drake, having already acquired a significant name in the Long Beach, California area, has been breaking through the music scene for well over two years now. Rehearsing and practicing to near perfection in their industrial warehouse, the recording of their first album, I Wish You Would Come Home Already, was released under their self-starter label, Threadbare Records. Comprised of singer, Jonathan Haskell, guitarist, Marc Herron Rhodes, Organ/piano bass player, Matthew Casebeer, and drummer Charles Davis; this alluring and idiosyncratic group masters the combination of art and music.

The band is a mix of melodious UK sounds with atmospheric pieces. Influenced by and compared to the Doves, Radiohead and even Joy Division for their avant garde approach to time signatures, drumbeats, programming and chord structure, the band has an effective rhythm that combines the use of art in their songs and images. Paintings created by Matthew Heller represent the band, which according to Herron “enhances the overall experience of angeles drake.” “We just love his work and think that his art with our music send a much stronger message and feeling than just the music alone,” he explains.

Why am I here lying wide awake sleeping soundly as the earth shakes, from “Serpents,” is just the first dose of the brilliant, entangled themes and distinctive sounds that continue to intrigue me as each track plays. Along with the upsurge to a climatic and epic ending, their dramatic overlapping guitar echoes and impressive vocals are sure to tantalize your senses.

You can purchase their cd on-line at

- Angela Ambrosini-Haliski, The Flow Magazine - FLOW MAGAZINE

"Band's sound recalls Coldplay"

Members of Angeles Drake know exactly what they are doing.

They layer clear and obscure timbres like a skilled painter applying paint in such a way as to break the viewers' hearts and deliver them to revelation.

Their debut album, I Wish You Would Come Home Already, is a result of three years' worth of hard work and practice.

"Practicing all the time, you never get to see anybody," guitarist Marc Herron said. "It's definitely hard to maintain normal relationships with friends or girlfriends. I wouldn't say it's a sacrifice because it's definitely a joy playing music with everybody and having that be your life, but it comes at a cost."

This is the music that seeps through the cracks in the walls of one's skull - a dreamscape soundtrack of relationships that come and go. Listeners will find themselves belting out harmonies along with the songs before realizing it.

Angeles Drake practices in a warehouse near a halfway house in Longbeach, Calif.

"We get a lot of weird elements around here," Herron said. "Our warehouse is sandwiched between a steel shop and place where they strip cars out."

The band consists of a vocalist, guitarist, drummer and a piano-player. Using a piano in place of a bass guitar has allowed for elements impossible to achieve with only a bass. It adds a hauntingly beautiful ambiance to the band's anthems.

"We had a bass player before, but then we dropped him and ended up going for this different route," Herron said. "Matt, the pianist, sort of took on the role of the bass player by using the low end of an organ. It kind of differentiates us from the rest of the bands which, especially in L.A., is a very important thing to do."

The band has been compared to Jeff Buckley, Radiohead and Coldplay. Herron said any band compared to such monumental figures has a lot to live up to but should not get pretentious.

The opening and closing tracks are thick. They are composed with all of the band's energy and passion. The eight tracks in between show this passion broken down, seeming less dense. They pick out a few singular ideas and sew them together, so all the songs are important to the whole and work together to make a full body. The album is listenable all the way through.

Lead singer Jonathan Haskell said the album is about relationships.

"The last song and the first song form a cycle, as far as a relationship," he said. "It starts and finishes until hopefully the cycle is complete and you find someone you can be with."

I Wish You Would Come Home
Angeles Drake
Grade: A

March 18
The Launchpad,
618 Central Ave.
$5 - Daily Lobo


angeles drake has released two E.P.'s in the past and at the beginning of 2005 released their debut album "I Wish You Would Come Home Already", which has already garnered critical acclaim and multiple singles on radio stations across the country including XM satellite radio, Los Angeles based stations KCRW 89.9 and Indie 103.1, and many others. angeles drake has also had songs featured prominantly in the hit TV show "Joan of Arcadia", the made for TV movie "Frankenstein" for USA Networks, wrote all the music for the critically acclaimed indie film "straight Line" ( and was recently asked write a new theme song for the USA TV show "Dead Zone."

These tracks are receiving airplay:
1. Forecast (track 5)
2. Idle (track 2)
3. A Nervous Romance (track 3)
4. Serpents (track 1)


Feeling a bit camera shy


It feels like we've been cooped up in our warehouse for years writing this record- and every nuance is like an instant biopic of our personal lives and experiences interweaving into each other. It is truly an album reflecting life and relationships..." -Marc Herron

The same meditative and patient sentiment informs I Wish You Would Come Home Already, angeles drake's debut album. Already established in the Greater Los Angeles area as a contemplative and melodic mix of UK-tinged atmospheric pedal rock and orchestral alternative keyboard pop, the album sees the band cohesive, introspective and self-assured, making this one of the can't miss records for 2005.

But angeles drake's success-a name that juxtaposes the city of Los Angeles with the unfortunate fate of a now infamous acoustic troubadour, Nick Drake-has been long and deliberate beginning in the summer of 1994 when singer Jonathan Haskell met guitarist, Marc Herron. Ten years later, 2004 found angeles drake hibernating in their warehouse for a year-writing, rehearsing and recording-and finding their vision and cohesive voice.

The resulting album is angeles drake's most enchanting work to date-a symphonic cuff of keyboards, pristinely distorted guitars, mathematically infused drum beats, algorithmically synthetic programming and heartbreakingly soaring anthems. And with themes of found and lost loves, renewed and dying hope, I Wish You Would Come Home Already is a symbol of life incarnate.

The title, I Wish You Would Come Home Already-taken from the Matthew Heller painting which graces the album's cover-is a lyrically cyclical album tackling the relevant subject of relationships. The opening track Serpents, begins with the lyrics, "why am I here lying wide awake/sleeping soundly as the earth shakes" and the closing track March, has Haskell shouting, "the more you go, the more I wait/ I'm losing sleep, losing sleep/are you leaving, are you leaving again." Metaphorically it signifies the beginning and ending of a relationship, but also establishes that relationships are always starting anew. "The theme of relationships is central to this album," says Haskell. "And the album artwork and lyrics are indicative of that. Everything in life is a cycle of learning, growing and building significant relationships. With each record we hope to maintain and build upon that tradition."