Angeles Guerreros

Angeles Guerreros


This is an incredible christian Rock band that uses guitars and drums to share hope words with the world. Many acoustic and electric guitar solos and christian lyrics/message.


Ramón Tejada Kikito - Angeles Guerreros

Guitarrist, bassist, songwriter, studio engineer, electronics engineer.

Ramón Tejada Kikito was born January 6, in Valverde, Dominican Republic.
While a teenager, Kikito studied Music, Guitar, Bass an Trumpet, in Municipal Music Band showing high talent. Late, at university, he studied Electronics Engineering and founded christian rock band Angeles Guerreros. The band recorded its first album Angeles Guerreros in 2001, containing 6 songs, 4 of them live, 2 in studio.

Kikito paused the Angeles Guerreros project to pay attention to the Electronics career. After obtain his Bachelor Degree continued the project, and recorded the album Nada es Perfecto (Nothing is Perfect), wich contains 12 tracks.

The band’s main message is about savation, worship and advicement.


Nada es Perfecto - 2007
We have "Nada es Perfecto" single on air in some radio stations that plays secular and christian music.

Set List

The band plays aproximately between 45 mins to 70 mins each show. (some exceptions apply).
A typical set includes the follow songs: Nada es Perfecto, Regresa Ya, Pon Toda tu vista en El, Tengo Fe, Es Amor, Regreso a Casa, Respuesa (not recorded yet), Rescate, Te Esperará, Lo Que hiciste ayer, Tu Me Salvaste, Quiero Adorarte Más, Cuando Era Niño (Not recorded yet), No Me Rendiré (not recorded yet), Primero Yo (not recorded yet). We don't play covers.