Angelfall are a three piece unique rock band with two girls and one guy - who prove that females can and do certainly rock, their tunes always leaving the crowd begging for more... You just can't say no!


Angelfall are a three piece unique rock band from Magherafelt - one of the bands adding to the musical earthquake happening in the Northern Irish area. They have been together for just over a year and have been seeing success shining through in so many different directions. They have become well known in Belfast (after playing Lavery's, Menagrie etc...) and have even hit the streets of Dublin (The Hub) with style! Angelfall opened the small but massive music festival 'Glasgowbury' in 2006 and interested many people from that scene including radio play!! They have also been successful in reaching the semi-finals of BBC's ATL RockSchool in February '06, being the final twelve out of hundreds of received demos!!
Angelfalls influences consist of Mojo FuRy, Fighting with wire, Nirvana, Evanescence, Blink 182, Fuel, Kittie, Panic! At the Disco and many other good bands, but this has only lead them to their own unique style labelled as broadly as emo/rock/grunge with an edge of youthfulness!!
Angelfall are set apart from other bands because of their image and energy behind the music!! They are such a great band to watch on stage and brilliant to listen to - the crowds are always dying for more!!


1. She
2. Bleed

EP (A New Beginning) in progess...
1. Bleed (New Version)
2. Eurika
3. She (New Version)

Set List

Angelfall's typical set would consist of mainly originals - rarely any covers would be in the set. The sets usually played last about 30min + due to the showcase gigs they play!
When we play covers, they usually consist of Placebo/The Donnas... anything that interests them at the time!