Powerful rock ballads mixed with a metal edge.


Started off as an underground, four piece metal band at the ages of 15 & 16. Members dropped like flies but the two of three founders stayed together finding a third memeber, whom became our drummer. With the three memebers, began the recording process and business aspects. We began taking our metal roots and adding some punchy rock ballads to the mix. Once booking started hitting us we decided to add on two more members and this matured into Angelfalls.
Angelfalls' home base is Oshawa Ontario where all members reside. We officially became serious and started playing as of 2008, where our first show was a battle of the bands and we won! We all have different inspirations but use them all to create our sound, which is slightly different than any other band we have heard. Music is our passions and will always remain this way. Every show we have played we meet some great people who push us or better bands who teach us.


Angelfalls E.P. 2007
1. Vacate
2. Cul-D-Sac
3. Do what you want
4. Open wound

Set List

Set list:
1. Cul-D-Sac
2. Vacate
3. Fallin
4. Over See
5. Open Wound
6. Feel This
7. Do What You Want
8. Occassionally Cover
Usually ranges 30-45 min