Angelia Robinson

Angelia Robinson

 Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USA

I would describe my music as being Life Music. Though the music industry would call it gospel or contemporary christian (even R&B for some songs) My music AND lyrics are relatable to all ages and on the up tempo songs u can pump it in your car and dance


Angelia Robinson

Angelia Robinson was born in Washington, DC, but grew up in the Maryland suburbs. In and out of the church while growing up, Angelia reacted like a sponge to all types of music during a time where she felt music was not as segregated. With God’s divine intervention she has created a style, a “new sound” that will influence a whole new generation. The name, Angelia (pronounced “An-ja-lye”), is Greek and means “Messenger of God”. Angelia wants the message in her music, which she simply calls, “Life Music” to be heard and embraced regardless of how it is labeled. Her debut CD is entitled “Lessons in Love.” The concept of the album comes from Angelia’s life story. Now this singer/songwriter and media personality is capturing the hearts of millions with her fun loving spirit, gregarious personality and fierce business savvy.

Angelia’s singing combines powerful vitality with dignity and strong spiritual beliefs. Angelia’s writing style and music has a younger feel but the response of the people has showed no age limits and the word “relatable” is expressed with each review. “The message that I want to send through my music is how love cover’s a multitude of mistakes and conquers all”.

Now Angelia is realizing a dream she thought she’d sacrificed years ago to get her life in order. It's been a long road for Angelia, but it's her powerful voice and gentle fun loving spirit that will guide listeners through songs that tell incredible stories. Since coming onto the scene in 2009, Angelia has shared the stage with gospel greats such as Yolanda Adams, Shirley Caesar, Hezekiah Walker and Donnie McClurkin, just to name a few. Don’t try to put her in a box because she simply won’t fit. Also in 2009, Angelia’s song entitled “Wishing You Were Here” was selected to be a part of the music compilation distributed by Cloud Ten Pictures for the movie “Saving God,” starring Ving Rhames. With her explosive performance on the history making 25th Anniversary of the Stellar Awards Kick Off event under her belt and fiery performances on Cathy Hughes’ “Radio One Love Cruise”, this fiery young lady seems to be on a huge path to success.
Angelia makes music for all people to enjoy, regardless of race, background or religion. A self-described "hard worker" who can sometimes be "intense" but "fun," is passionate about providing inspiration to young girls. “I want to be an example for young people growing up in less than favorable situations because it's extremely hard growing up void of love and stability while trying to do something positive.", “I want to show them that with Christ, hope and faith, going after your dreams can lead to endless possibilities”. In a very short time, Angelia’s hard work, dedication and relevance to women of all ages, color and religion, have garnered her a product endorsement deal with Diva By Cindy Hair Care Products and a Co-Host spot on the revamped television show, Inner City Gospel. In addition, she is quite the humanitarian as she has been named an Ambassador for the GSRD Human Sex Trafficking Organization in the U.S. Most recently, after brightening the Sean Sarvis Radio Show on CBS’s, “The Big Talker, Angelia has been asked to join the team as one of the Co-Host. She is definitely making her presence known in this industry. While doing so, Angelia vows to make a huge positive impact not only in the Christian community, but the entire world. “Ready or Not, Here I Come”!
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My Debut cd entitled "Lessons In Love" released on Jan. 26, 2010. Stations that are playing my music consist of Radio One's Praise DC just to name a few, The Syndicated Co Co Brother Live Show in Atlanta and WECU 1570 in Greenville, SC

Set List

My set list would depend on the venue. When I have showcased alone I have done 45 min sets. When opening for others or being featured in showcases I typically do 10 to 30 mins. The songs have included my first single "Who R U", "Let Me Count The Ways", "It Ain't Goin Down", "Wishing You Were Here", "If I Didn't Let Go", "I Hear His Voice", "Bye, Bye", "Get Up", "So Much Joy", and "I Can't Live without You"