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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Entertainment news"

"The power, charisma, innocence and gentleness that Angelica projects when she performs, make this entertainer a complete artist that would be a delight for all to experience." - Free Life News-Europe

"Entertainment reviews"

" Angelica sang like Mariah Carey on her best days" - The National Journal- Europe

"Opinions from the audience"

"We know Angelica since she was 6 years old. We've been watching her every step... always knowing that she has got something special...
After all these years she still surprises us with her newness. Always better than the day before... Remarkable." - TV Station- Europe


"You're My Reflection"- Radio Mix
"Love Gives You The Freedom"
Two singles having airplay on National radio stations in The Netherlands.


Feeling a bit camera shy


(pronounced AHN-GE-LEE-KAH)

She is a singer, songwriter and producer, blessed with creativity in many fields: fine arts, writing, fashion, dance, fitness & nutrition.

It is purely her passion for music, her commitment to her dream and the knowing of herself that has driven Angelica to share her message of love with you today. This is her journey in life, which she started on so many years back…

Angelica’s story is not about the fact that she literally grew up on stage, singing and dancing since she was 5 years old, it’s not about the fact that she is able to cover with amazing control, one of the widest vocal ranges (from E below middle C all the way to the soprano and whistle ranges), it’s not about all the Trophies and Awards she won, it’s not about her soulful lyrics, full of emotion and truth, it’s not even about her creating those serene yet strong vocal leads and unique backup and vocal effects. Her story is not about the fact that when she is on stage she allows herself to be vulnerable and strong at the same time…

Her story is about something else. It’s about will power, faith and hope. She was able to raise from a very harsh communist environment, put her trade mark in the show business in her native country, then leave…immigrate at the age of 24 to a foreign country where she new no language, no people, no customs…

For years she went through the hardships of being an immigrant, working in various jobs as a telemarketer, working door to door and selling shoes, she went through the hardships of a very abusive marriage, not being allowed to even sing in the shower…

Her career was a matter of the past at that point, but not even for a second did Angelica think that she is anything else but a performer.

She went to College, graduated as a fitness consultant and personal trainer, she took courses on make up and hair artistry, all that so she can keep herself in shape physically and mentally for her career which she was about to start all over again. This time in a different country: Canada.

She decided that in her life there was no more room for people telling her what to do, so she eliminated the abuser from her life. She didn’t need to hear from somebody that she is not good enough...

But Angelica always saw the good in every situation, so she cherished all those difficult times which actually helped her become a songwriter. Soon after, Angelica started writing music in English, one song after another. Songs about when she was young, songs about her life as an immigrant, songs about the joy of finally feeling home in a different country, songs about answering to everything and everybody’s negative intentions through the power of Love, songs about liberation and living as who she is…

She is now a fully-grown artist, with many years of stage experience, writing and producing her own songs, with a clear vision about her music.

Angelica is very much looking forward to let the world know about her message: Love, Compassion, Purity, Innocence and Truth. "Discover who you really are and act upon it"- is her message…Love others and don't forget to love yourself too…