New York City, New York, USA


Seamlessly blending elements of rock, pop, electro, and hip-hop; Angélica draws from her eclectic tastes to find her own voice. We hear nuances of PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Fiona Apple, Prince--among others--and yet the music remains all her own. Undulating between brutal realism and otherworldly surrealism, she meticulously crafts scenes with the textures of her vibrant melodies and haunting lyrics.

Currently living in New York, Angélica has plans to conquer the world with her art. "I see it like a ripple effect and like a battle", she says, "I'm willing to put my music and that energy out there and rest, being confident that something amazing will come from it...and yet I also have this fighting side for me that knows how hard I've worked for this and how much harder I'll work until the entire world can be influenced and inspired by my music. My expectations are set that high. That's the level of success I know I can reach."


C H A O S † H E O R Y EP coming soon

Set List

All Wrong
Inventing an End
Through the Glass
Dear Tyler
Chaos Theory
Lost & Found
Chloroform Love
Another Lover