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Angelica DiCastro

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Toronto native, Angelica Di Castro started captivating audiences with her natural and powerful voice very early on performing at numerous festivals in Ontario and parts of the U.S. Her first taste of success came with the independent release of her first single “I Can See It In Your Eyes”.
Strong support came in the form of reviews in The Record, Chart Magazine and Billboard Magazine. The song received considerable airplay in Canada and also found its way onto several Top 5 radio charts in Europe.

As a result of the overwhelming support from her fans, Angelica recorded her debut album simply entitled World Of Love, an important turning point in her young career. It was at this time that Angelica began exploring the world of songwriting. “A Gift Of Memories” one of the ballads from her debut LP was the product of this labour. World Of Love garnered much attention in European countries such as Portugal, Greece and Holland. “Don’t Know”, another ballad from this album, was featured in a European radio commercial.

Angelica’s sophomore album took a different direction. Once again, independently released, the self-titled album Angelica Di Castro, features a collection of the most popular Italian songs recorded including “Caruso”, “Torna Surriento” and “Io Che Non Vivo”. Angelica has sold 4000 copies from live performances alone.

In 2002 Angelica received what she considers her greatest honour to date when she was invited to perform “Light Of The World”, the International World Youth Day theme song, not only in front of millions but also for Pope John Paul II in Toronto, Canada. Major networks all around the world broadcast this momentous occasion live.

In the spring of 2004, Angelica was invited by C.I.M Canada (Confederation of Italians in the World) to represent Canada in Paris, France where she performed at “Un Nuit a Paris”, the closing concert for delegates attending this international conference of Italian Businesses around the world. This classically trained singer continues to gain momentum around the globe.

In preparation for her upcoming album, Angelica is in the process of recording songs penned by some of North America's leading songwriters. She is currently co-writing and recording with producer Peter Linseman at Music Mentor Productions. Visit to experience more of Angelica Dicastro


Beautiful Feeling

Written By: Words & Music by Peter Linseman & Lorne MacMillan © 1999

Here we lay, afraid to separate as I cry
You were a stranger
Cause twenty one days feels like a lifetime
When hearts grow strong like this
Shattered dreams are suddenly unbroken
As I hold on to something so real

What a beautiful feeling
This love has created
Am I weak ‘cause I want so much more
Of that beautiful feeling inside

Let us swim in the river of darkness
There’s a potion waiting for me
We’ll ask the Gods, to lift us from the surface
And together our souls take off

What a beautiful feeling
My mind has created
That beautiful moment
Somehow unjaded
Is it lost or will I find you again
That beautiful feeling inside

While I sleep my spirit awakens
Where I find a lost reality
Reaching out as my beating heart races
To find the edge of the dream

What a beautiful feeling
My mind has created
What a beautiful moment
Is it lost or will I find you again
And that beautiful...

Beautiful feeling
This love has created
I once lost touch but I never lost sight
Of that beautiful feeling inside

Where Are You Now?

Written By: Words & Music by Peter Linseman & Penny Dionne © 1999

Night turns into day without a sound
What can I say without breaking down
Hold me before you leave
My thoughts scream inside of me
Give my voice back to me please

Where are you now
Open your eyes and tell me I’m not alone
I feel lonelier here than when you’re gone
You’re leavin’ me barely holding on
Where are you, where are you now

A flower slowly fades without the sun
A soul is just the same when it has no one
I need you to reach for me
The morning weighs so heavily
Your kiss would breath life back into me

To hear the sounds of life again
To feel your waves rushing in
Don’t you miss me when I’m gone
Don’t you know where you belong

To share my love like the sun
To hold you like I’ve never done
Where do I begin
To find you again


10 Grandi Successi 2002
Je T’aime Papa 2001
A World Of Love 1996
I Can See It In Your Eyes 1994