Angelical Tears

Angelical Tears

 Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Alternative rock with a metal edge, gothic overtones and symphonic elements.


Since forming in October of 2006, Angelical Tears has stood as a unique musical voice in the Oklahoma music scene. The band's heavy but melodic sound is the result of a variety of musical influences such as Hard Rock, Goth, Classical, Metal, and Electronica. These elements all combine to create a powerful metal sound with strong symphonic Goth elements.

The combination of the ethereal vocals of Russian native, Julia Flansburg, heavy guitars of Steven Bittle, pounding bass of Glenn Flansburg, and thundering drums of JC give Angelical Tears a style and sound that sets them apart from their peers in the Oklahoma music scene.

The band's first show was in the "March Bandness" battle of the bands contest organized by 94.7FM "The Buzz". The band quickly proved itself by placing in the top four final bands. Fueled by this initial success, the band sought further opportunities to perform, refine their sound, and develop a fan base. Performances at regional/national venues like The Samurai, Reggies, and The Rave/Eagles Ballroom; at festivals such as Rock Jam, Dame-Nation, Rose State College's Festival of Modern Music, and The Oklahoma State Fair; appearances on KSBI-TV's "Oklahoma Live", Oklahoma University TV's "The Set", The Oklahoma Gazette's Annual Ghouls Gone Wild Halloween Parade, and The All-Stars Tour have helped propel Angelical Tears into the top tier of bands in Oklahoma. These successes have also allowed Angelical Tears to share the stage with numerous local/regional artists while opening for national acts such as Bang Tango and The Misfits, as well as serving as direct support for the internationally-reknown Japanese metal band, Loudness.

Angelical Tears released their debut, self-titled E.P. in August of 2010. Music from this CD has gained local/regional airplay on stations like KATT 100.5FM, Oklahoma City's most popular rock radio station. The EP has received glowing reviews both domestically and internationally by Femme Metal Webzine, Sonic Cathedral, as well as numerous others. The track "No More" was featured on Australian record label Blue Freya's compilation CD "Born of Sand and Snow" as well as in the soundtrack for the motion picture "Dark of Moon". The track "Save Me" will appear on the soundtrack of the upcoming horror movie "Waterfront Nightmare". The band has also consistently held the #1 rank locally on ReverbNation's metal chart as well as a current rank of 22 nationally, and 36 globally (Dec., 2012). The combination of their active fan base, reception of live performances, and EP success have also earned Angelical Tears such honors as being named Unleash the Furies' Band of the Month (Sept., 2011).

With their sights now set on national and international tours, the band has branched out beyond the Oklahoma area playing shows in Wisconsin, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Nevada, Tennessee, and Texas. In addition to actively touring, Angelical Tears has completed the recording of their debut LP, "The Eleventh Hour" which was released June 23rd of 2012.

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No More

Written By: Glenn Flansburg

I’m all alone in the dark of night
Why can’t I just set things right
You walked away and left me cold
Tears and sorrow is all I know

The pain from you is getting out of hand
Why don’t you help me understand
A hundred times that I have been ignored
Why don’t you love me no more

How long will it take for me
To open my eyes and finally see
Release my heart and set me free
I know you’re not the one for me

Your pain for me is my reward
For a love that cannot be restored
A hundred times that you have slammed the door
Why don’t you love me no more

Save Me

Written By: Julia Flansburg

Sadness around me
It takes control of me again
It makes me helpless
I can’t break free, break free

I can’t hide
My soul is lost in emptiness
Because we can’t be
We’re losing ourselves, ourselves

Chains around me
Why don’t you understand
The pain inside my soul
Save me


Written By: Julia Flansburg

The river of darkness I’m trying to pass
It’s pulling me under, it’s pulling me down
Silent whispers in my head
Protect me and save me from them

Darkness surrounds me
I’m searching for eternal light

I yell but no one can hear it
I breathe but no one can feel it
Just grab me and release me from the pain
That I go through everyday

Darkness surrounds me
And holds me really tight
Rippling through my heart
It keeps dragging me down and down

Darkness surrounds me
And holds me really tight
Rippling through my heart
Finally seeing the bright light

Tomorrow Happens Now

Written By: Julia Flansburg

When the crack of dawn is near
And you know we are together
We are alive we are awake
The chains of love that we have made
Are growing stronger and will never break

Let me be with you tonight
And break the spell around us
Let me be with you alone
And let us make tomorrow happen now

I cannot get you out of my head
It aches with every beat and breath
Those words that left unspoken
Hurt me deep inside
And time apart feels like I'm dying

Let me be with you tonight
And break the spell around us
Let me be with you alone
And let us make tomorrow happen now


2010 - Angelical Tears EP
2012 - The Eleventh Hour

Set List

Tomorrow Happens Now
Chasing Eternity
No More
Save Me
Pool of Sorrow
Sunrise At Sunset
With The Shadows
Queen of Hearts

Covers we can play when we have to:
Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence
Lacuna Coil - Swamped
Lacuna Coil - Spellbound
Within Temptation - Utopia
Within Tempation - The Howling
Within Temptation - What Have You Done Now
The Cranberries - Zombie
Journey - Seperate Ways
Nightwish - Amaranth
We Are The Fallen - St. John
Evanescence - My Immortal
Evanescence - Lithium
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
Cryoshell - Bye Bye Babylon
The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
The Cure - Facination Street
Rick Issak - Wicked Game