Angelina Sarantis

Angelina Sarantis


Angelina fuses her lyrical poetry with Greek and American rhythms and instrumentations producing "Greekfusion". It is a celebration of her roots as a Greek-American artist.


Angelina Sarantis is a second generation Greek American. She is an Atlanta Native and the daughter of a Greek National, Theodore Sarantis, a self-taught musician and composer. He traveled from Greece to share his music with the American people. His musical style was innovative for it's time. Angelina's mother played violin, studied and performed various dance styles including Bellydance. Growing up, Angelina was influenced by her parents and American Popular Culture. Angelina's American musical influences include Madonna, Elvis, Olivia Newton-John, Blondie, Pat Benatar, Prince, Michael and Janet Jackson, Kiss, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Skid Row, U2, Depeche Mode, Creed, and No Doubt.

Angelina is a lover of Performing, Visual and Literary Arts. She is a spiritual, charismatic, loving and compassionate being. Her artistic mission is to freely express her true self and to deliver inspired messages of unconditional love. Angelina is currently studying voice, piano, music theory, composition and songwriting under the watchful eyes of Patrick Wickham, a graduate of The Manhattan School of Music. Mr. Wickham is the apprentice of world renowned voice teacher Maitland Peters.

Angelina fuses her lyrical poetry with Greek and American rhythms and instrumentations in her demo entitled Greekfusion. It is a celebration of her roots and the artist she is today. In her live the deep, passionate and sensuous rhythms of traditional Greek music and pulsating sounds of the American heart.

The album Angelina is currently working on entitled Spirit Songbird will feature dance remixes of Greekfusion and new material that will explore various musical genres.


Greekfusion 2002
Greekfusion 2003

The song called "Fountain of you" off of the Greekfusion 2003 disc is in heavy rotation at a local Atlanta area dance club called "Oasis"! It's become a house favorite!

Set List

My typical set list ranges anywhere from 10-40 minutes including 2-5 songs. Songs may include Love @ 1st Sight, Pleasure, Bellydance Mix, Fountain Of You, Light At The End Of The Tunnel and Lilly Of The Valley. At this time I'm not performing coversongs per se but I have been known to tear up a karaoke night from time to time at a local bar here in Atlanta.