Sounding like the soulful daughters of Sandy Denny/Lucinda Williams, Angeline is two very talented singer songwriters with distinct voices and a stellar band. Gorgeous harmonies, multitextured arrangements, lyrical depth,and an impressive emotional range, Angeline swings from pop to country to folk.


Linda Viens: (Bad Saints, Crown Electric Company,Children of Paradise, Witch Doctor, Les Chanteuse Sorcieres, Boston Rock Opera) and Emily Grogan:(Emily Grogan Band, Red Chord, HRT, Black Madonna, Inky Spoon) have come together in Angeline to merge their voices and guitars in a side-project a little different from their other bands. Needing a place to sing their moodier, "folkier" material, these two Boston rockers were blessed to enlist their friends in the project: the multi-talented rock god Asa Brebner (Asa Brebner Solo, Robin Lane And The Chartbusters, Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers, Idle Hands, The Family Jewels, Andrea Gillis...) on bass, goddess Cheryl Etu (Chupacabra) on vibes and percussion, the supremely talented violinist Meredith Cooper played violin on the record also and just played her first gig with us on October 7, 2006. We look forward to many more live gig experiences with Meredith! We also have a wonderful new addition: the deeply soulful and gifted Michael Guardabascio (Jonathan Richman and countless others) joined us on drums in Oct. 2006. We are very excited to be playing with Michael. Angeline is a growing, evolving, deeply felt, organic collaboration between passionate women who write and play music every single second they are not being moms and worker bees with the players they are lucky enough to be playing with. Our first record, "Powdered Pearls" will be out March 23rd 2007. Stay tuned!!! xoxo


Powdered Pearls (release date March 23rd 2007)