Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

“Sounding alternately like the soulful twin daughters of Sandy Denny or the northern cousins of Lucinda Williams, Emily Grogan and Linda Viens are “Angeline.” They are also two very talented singer songwriters with distinct voices and a stellar backing band featuring the legendary Asa Brebner. With a lyrical depth not often seen in modern day pop music and an empressive emotional range.Angeline’s “Powdered Pearls” is one of the finest collections of songs I’ve heard in a very, very long time. Th


Angeline is the edgy, haunting and emotionally charged “folk-rock”project of longtime rockers Emily Grogan and Linda Viens. Both distinguished singer/songwriters with active solo careers, Linda and Emily began merging their voices and guitars in 2005 during their daughters’ playdates.The delight of singing, working together and sharing “frontperson responsibilities” evolved into Angeline and the recording of their first record, “Powdered Pearls”, released on the legendary Americana/Morphine label, HI-N-DRY on March 23, 2007.

Now performing as a 4-piece, Angeline includes local stalwarts Scott Corneille on bass, and Larry Dersch on drums.


"Powdered Pearls" 2008, Hi 'n Dry Records