Tribute to Marilyn Monroe

Tribute to Marilyn Monroe


A tribute to the Golden Years of Hollywood, a tribute to the time of the Diva's, a tribute to the great composers of these fantastic songs, a tribute to Marilyn Monroe


Nightsuite 'Diamonds & Pearls'

The DIVA is back Risen again from near oblivion, with all the characteristics of a classical goddess. Sensual, sophisticated, glamorous, but mostly Dignified…always dignified.

She takes you back to the 50’s. The golden days of Hollywood on Broadway. The era which produced the best musicals ever filmed. The time of the classic sex goddesses such as Rita Hayworth, Judy Garland, and Marilyn Monroe.

She creates an intimate nightclub atmosphere, but as easy she will take you into that swinging mood by singing this great Orchestra Big Band classics such as ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend, My heart belongs to daddy, I wanna be loved by you

In short ..Allow yourself to be taken back to times long since passed, romantic, desirous, and …silently longing