Angel Leona Higgs

Angel Leona Higgs


Uplifting and anointing! Angel Leona Higgs is truly called of God to minister through song to the Nations! If you like to worship and jam, you'll LOVE Angel Leona Higgs! Her powerful voice and passion encourages non-believers to seek God and strengthns Christians walk with the Lord!


Angel Leona Higgs has been singing since the young age of two, competing since age 5 and songwriting since age 9. In her youth she was determined to become the next R&B Pop star and future "sex symbol," but the Lord had different plans!

At the age of 22 Angel surrendered her lyrics to the Lord, vowing to ONLY write wholesome non-promiscuous lyrics that would uplift listeners and promote integrity in society. The Lord honored this vow and began giving her beautiful and passionate lyrics that, to this day, convict and touch the hearts of all who hear. Along with her lyrics, Angel also surrendered her music career to the Lord and decided that she was going to WAIT on the leading of the Holy Spirit to pursue her call as psalmist. NOW almost 7 years later, after much purging, pressing, and serving as a professional vocal coach, she has been released to minister in song to the Nations!

Angel Leona has appeared on such national networks as TBN, Fox (American Idol), VH1 & BET. With influences from Stevie Wonder, Brandy, Israel Newbreed, Erykah Badu, Out of Eden, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin & Shania Twain, Angel Leona Higgs transcends all genre classifications and just writes good music!

At the heart of it all is her Love and commitment to the Lord. She aspires to share the message of Christ and the gospel of the Kingdom with both believers and non-believers alike. "Through this music and gift that the Lord God has placed in me, in His name and by the power of His Spirit, I'm gonna change the world." -Angel Leona


Praise the Lord-for He is TRULY WORTHY!
Ok so I thought I'd update you on the new music. I've got some great new material; however it is a different vibe from the music that’s on the page now. Jesus & All Things are the closest to the new vibe. My new stuff is definitely more R&B Pop-Christian of course, but the music feel is definitely more Out of Eden meets Israel Newbreed. That's really the only way to describe it. I love to worship and I love to jam! I love hot tracks and I love a killer band! So I'm meshing these elements together to give you heartfelt passionate lyrics, creative soulful delivery, and energetic interactive live performances!

Overall, the Kingdom of God and the victory we have is something to be excited about and the enemy's camp is something that we should be mad about. My new music shares the emotions involving each of these. These two elements combined create super praise & worship, awareness, brokeness, conviction, repentance, and submission to the will and ways of God! And HEY, that’s really what this music ministry gig is all about and that’s why I sing!

Lets go through the Door, there's something good on the otha side!

Keep checkin back, I'll be posting new material from the upcoming album soon!

Love you- Be doers

Angel Leona Higgs


My Testimony

Written By: Angel Leona Higgs

Verse 1
I've been dizzy from circling round mountains
I've been stagnant from clinging to valleys
I've been torn down by everything around me, searchin for my way
I've been prideful from countin my blessings
Been arrogant from learning my lessons
I've been knocked down by my very essence, searchin for my way
But then He came like my night in armor and mercifully set me free I mean He came and made me feel that no one was as important as me I mean He came and knew all my fears and what I needed to be me
My Jesus cam and because of Him this day you can hear me sing my Testimony
I sing my testimony I, I sing my testimony I, I sing my testimony let all who hear hear let all who see see I I sing my testimony I Ising my testimony I I sing my testimony let all who yearn learn from me

Verse 2
I've been blinded by depression
Lured into lust by my obsessions
I've been broken by suppression, searching for my way
I've been fearful from doubting myself
Been so faithless convinced I wasn't blessed
I've been knocked down by the enemy himself, searchin for my way


Written By: Angel Leona Higgs

Verse 1
I thank You for your grace that set me free
And gave me life everlasting
I love you Lord cause you care and you’re here to shower me with your precious grace
Like a sweet summer breeze your anointing to me is so uplifting
Jesus I love you my Jesus I adore you for your love and the grace and the blood that you gave so willingly to set me free
Verse 2
And I thank you for the sacrifice and for all the times that you stood right by my side and gave me strength to do your will and yield to my Fathers Holy Word such a blessing to me to be saved and to know my Savoir lives in me
Said you hung on that cross for me hung and cried hung and cried for me cause you love me cause you love me cause you love me you love me Lord
Said you bled on that cross for me bled and died bled and died for me and I love you and I love you and I love you I love you Lord

All Things

Written By: Angel Leona Higgs

Verse 1
When it seems like everything around you doesn’t bring you joy but so much pain and deep inside you feel like crying and on the surface you just want to run away
And I know what you feel and I know that its real but you can’t let it take your life away and I know that you do you wanna make it through so I just want to encourage you today to say
I can do I can do all things I can do I can do all things I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me strengthens me I can do I can do all things I can do I can do all things I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me strengthens me
Now though it seems the odds are up against you and there’s no sign of hope all around you gotta believe that Gods still working in your favor to turn your whole situation around right on around
You’re sometimes up sometimes down you go in circles round and round but I know He’s got ya in His arms He won’t let nobody do you harm cause deep inside ya He’s placed in you and over comer so you’ll get through you must receive it on today if you believe it lift your hands and say


"All Things" Spring 08

Set List

6-8 songs, sets are normally a half hour. I have enough songs to cover up to an hour and a half; however I haven't had a set that long to date.
Song List: Testimony, Jesus, Just Believe, Love Must Be your Name, All Things, Alright, Broken, I will Praise. Covers that I sometimes do depending on atmosphere are:Halleluyah-standard, Here I am to worship-Isreal Newbreed, To worship you-Isreal Newbreed.