Angel Lite Garrett

Angel Lite Garrett


Angel's eclectic contemporary style weaves a journey from jubilant praise to sacred intimate worship. Whether in song teaching, exhorting or just being Angel, her life in Christ is seen, heard, felt and experienced


Several roads have led to Angel Lite Garrett’s “Journey.”
Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, Angel came face-to-face with her musical destiny at an early age. Enraptured by the euphonious symphony of local church choirs, Angel established a myriad of singing groups and choirs between grade school and high school in Mount Holly, New Jersey. “I would grab anybody that even remotely had a voice and put them in a choir,” she said. This intense passion for vocal expression was so compelling that Angel also committed to teaching herself to play the piano. Developing her skills as a pianist, she says, ensured that a dependable musician—Angel herself—was present and accounted for at each performance.
After receiving the Lord at age 17, Angel’s zeal for music took on a new meaning. With a steadfast mission of touching the heart of people while touching the heart of God, worship became the hallmark of this emerging Christian concert artist and recording artist. A quote by Bob Kauflin, Director of Worship Development at Sovereign Grace Ministries in Gaithersburg, Maryland provides the best snapshot of Angel’s sentiments regarding her staunch commitment to leading worship. “An effective corporate worship leader, aided and led by the Holy Spirit, skillfully combines biblical truth with music to magnify the worth of God and the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, thereby motivating the gathered church to join him in proclaiming and cherishing the truth about God and seeking to live all of life for the glory of God.”
Faithfully serving for several years as music director, choir director, vocal trainer, teacher, and pianist in local churches, Angel’s journey includes leading a 100 voice choir at New York’s world-renowned Lincoln Center and at New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Angel’s fascinating career encompasses the eclectic genres of Contemporary Christian, Gospel, R&B, and opera. Through her unwavering dedication to meticulous vocal precision and with exacting proficiency as a musician, Angel has been invited to share the stage with CeCe Winans, Juanita Bynum Ron Kenoly, Bishop Joseph Garlington, Morris Chapman, Judy Jacobs, Parachute Band, Alvin Slaughter, among others.

Angel’s current project, “Journey” is a musical reflection of the highs and lows of Angel’s life over recent years. “It was the best of times and the worst of times,” she recalls. The healing in “Journey” is emotionally medicinal and artfully expressed in the songs “Me Time” and “I Needed the Quiet.” These two songs, Angel says, encourage and validate the need for self-care. The remix of “Ready to Go Higher,” the title track of Angel’s second album release, is infused with Latin, R&B, and Hip Hop hooks in “Journey,” echoing the ache of every listening heart desiring to reach beyond the pain or status quo of their lives. The song, “May Your Presence Go with Us,” speaks to the Spirit behind “Journey,” inviting God take the lead in guiding us onward.
When asked how “Journey” is different from her previous two albums, “Ready to Go Higher,” and “Beautiful River,” Angel pauses reflectively before stating, “I wouldn’t say it’s different, but rather dearer to my heart because it expresses the trials and struggles of reconciling human sufferings and the plan and purpose of God. It’s really just another brick in the path of my journey.”


Ready To Go Higher

Written By: Angel Lite Garrett

Verse 1

I hear the wrestling in the mulberry tree,To let God arise and defeat my enemies
I’m pressing on in the fight, I’ve got my aim on higher heights
I am sold out and looking to the hills

Its time to fly, touch the sky and catch a new wind, By taking off these old wine skins
And forgetting those things that are behind, God knows I’ve made up my mind
I’m not staying in the place where I have been. You see I’m ready

Ready to go higher, ready to go higher,My heart has no desire to dwell
Where doubts arise and fears prevail
See I’m ready to go higher. Ready to do higher
I hear God calling me by name, Girl it’s time to make a change
And I’m ready

Verse 2
Are you tired of looking at the same situation,Constant struggles day in and day out
Searching for answers here and there, Looking for someone to care
Wondering what this whole thing is all about

Well to your questions I may not know all the answers, But this one thing I know is true
God has a plan to give you hope
Plans for your future too, Plans that will help and prosper you
So get ready..



So lift your eyes to the hills from where your help comes
And decide to be all you’re called to be
Rise up strong take a stand,Draw that line in the sand
And if you’re ready to go higher sing with me, yeah sing I’m ready


Me Time

Written By: Angel Lite Garrett

I gotta get some me time, Gotta do it right now
Gotta get some free time
Hey, hey, hey

Gotta make some down time, Like really unwind time
I gotta get some me time
Hey, hey, hey

Waken up runnin from nine to five, Come from work I’m tired and fried but I
Got my to do list and I’m checkin them off one by one yeah

Seems like a girl’s work is never done, Takin care of everyone
But to not go crazy I’ve gotta drop my things and spread my wings
And get some me time

Now I know responsibility, some things just have to be
And I stick right to it even though some times I lose myself
But there’s things that I’ve come to see that if you want a better me
Know that all work and no play really can cause a fuss, know I must get some me time

Now I might take myself out for a special day or sit in my chair without a care
I might stroll down the block or maybe not, it all depends on how I feel
Now I could call up my girls and hit the mall get my hair and nails done or not at all
See it’s a crucial time there’s no debate, tomorrow’s another day but today can’t wait
I need some me time.

Someone Else

Written By: Angel Lite Garrett

Verse 1

Hard to believe…it was never meant to be
Things seemed so perfect…there was no way we couldn’t make it
I believed you were true…and one and one was two
So when I asked what went wrong…there came this simple song


I was broken when you found me..emptiness surrounded me
But your kind word and tender touch..was all that I needed more than enough
And I wanted to be wanted..built my dreams upon it..but in the end all would tell
You belonged to someone else

Verse 2

The places we’d meet…the people we would see
All of them saying…I was meant for you and your for me
I believed this was what was I to do
When my world fell apart…I had to admit it to my heart



Isn’t it amazing what we believe…at the point of our deepest need…Fooling ourselves believing in a lie…now I realize
All my dreams were built on sinking sand…what I thought I held in my hand….Was a mine of diamonds I thought would last…but found they were stones of glass


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