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Our song "Heart Stealer" is streaming and playing on a BGL radio in Columbus, OH.



Rock On Baby!! The band and I are based in Chicago and are having a blast. We are currently recording a choir for a chorus section for the song "Rock The World." Anyway... before I get ahead of myself... here's the history... baby!! My name is Angelo and I have been born and raised in Chicago. I have three passions in life that give me goose bumps and in no specific order: Music, Food, and Girls. One passion fuels the other and hence keeps me going, and laughing, and singing... I've got alot of energy and love using it. I do what I love, and I love what I do. Period. So long ago, age 5, I realized I loved music while listening to my older brother's "Elvis" and "Happy Days" albums. Gotta love the "Fonz." I'd sing along and dance to the albums. Coincidently, at age 5, is when I had my first girl friend... Cindy Labeer..a.. something like that. We dated for three years til she broke up with me in third grade. It was on again, off again, on again til she moved in fourth grade. Ah, the first "Heart Stealer." To date, my longest relationship. Lets get back to the music... I started writing and singing songs at age seven and began dreaming of forming a band and playing them. How fun! I started playing trumpet at age 10 and began learning music. I loved music, but not the trumpet, even though I excelled at it. It was because of my trumpet, that in High School I met my drummer Jeff in band. We played in all the bands together and had a blast. After High School, he went to study music in Boston, and I stayed in Chicago, DePaul University, to study. After college he moved back and we continued playing together. I decided to form a band but had no luck after placing ads in local papers. No one we auditioned seemed to fit. This killed me. So, I decided to let go and that's when all the new songs hit me! "Walkin' Home" wrote itself one night when went out walking. What a night. More songs followed and I felt like I was 5 years old again. I called Jeff and asked him if he knew some one who taught guitar. I wanted to get better at my "self taught" skills so I could play my new songs. He introduced me to Aaron, and we quickly got to work. The first song he taught me to play and sing was "Wild World" by Cat Stevens. Meanwhile, I asked the producer of my jazz recording (I was inundated with jazz in college, and quickly got annoyed and sick of it) if he can refer me to a "rock" producer to help guide me on my new project. I believe in allowing people to do what they do best and let them excel at it. I can write, but interms of recording and producing and all this technical mumbo jumbo... "Help me Mr. Whizzer!" I was introduced to a fellow Chicago guy, Jim, who also is the best bass player in the city! What a lucky man I am. He liked the music and I liked the ideas and direction he was giving to the music. He wanted to use studio guys for the demos. I wasn't too comfortable with that. So I asked Jeff if he'd be willing to play on this project and he said, "YEAH!" I also showed Aaron the music and he played the heck out of it!! It sounded better than in my head and I started "screaming" along to his playing. I had goose bumps. I told him that I have a producer and wanted to record the songs and asked if he'd be intrested in playing on the project. He was excited to do so. I'm lucky again! He's the best guitarist in the city! When Jim brought up the studio guys again I told him, "I've got a couple of guys that are really good and I would rather record with them if that's ok?" He said lets give it a try and we've been playing and recording together ever since. They have successfully taken the songs I have written, added thier own ideas and sound, and made the end product a lot better than I even imagined. The best advice I was given in College was that, "you gotta love the process." And with this project, with these specific guys, I have! We got to work in the studio on, "Walkin Home," "Just Give In," and "Rock The World." More songs kept coming to me, as they still do, and they kept rocking them. How lucky! They have become my closest friends. They truly rock. Jeff (the best drummer in the city) is nicknamed, "Rino." Aaron is nicknamed, "Issimo." And Jim is known as, "Bossa." They inturn have nicknamed me, "A-lo." They're also a bunch of comedians. One life, and I'm surrounded by comedians!! So now we are preparing to record a choir for the song, "Rock The World." How fun is that! You'll hear it soon along with the rest of the album. Thanks for your interest! You Rock The World, baby! Peace. Angelo, aka, A-lo