El Cajon, California, USA

Angelshade is a unique original sound that requires listening. We are a four peice band with members hailing from San Diego, Ca and Las Vegas, that came together to colaberate and create the sound that is Angelshade. We write thought provoking and honest music. Live performing is our drug of choice


We are a group of like minded individuals that assemble in secret creating music to help awaken the sleepers and bring about the new age of reason. We gather in low lit taverns and houses of ill repute to share our stories and spread our message, for that is the place you will look for us. We are a Band of 4, collaborating to make music that matters and to be thought provoking. Listen to the music let it take you where you want to be.


Angelshade (self titled)

Set List

Billy Liar
The Crush
The New American Dream

Seven Sirens

Hand in a Fist
Guns and Thunder