Angels in America
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Angels in America

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
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Still working on that hot first release.



Thurston Moore and Byron Coley on our first cassette release: "Three out of absolutely nowhere cassette releases that are as sexy as a tanqueray & tonic-buzzed fuckbuddy. #1 is Angels In America with their Cunt Tree Grammar tape which oozes primordial no wave guitar and bored/stoned femme vox glug."

Ecstatic Peace on Cunt Tree Grammer:
We encountered this tape when it was first issued by the band a year or so ago in a way micro edition. What we could figure out is that it’s two people, Rob Rhombus and Moppy Pont, who bop equally thru the environs of Montreal and NYC. It was definitely one of those out of nowhere experiences where you encounter something with no reference or connection to any of the noise, punk, no wave, junk, skuzz musix you’ve been soaking in and it completely grips yr mind and purrs against yr sweet spot. Weird, sultry, damaged and almost always falling apart with lyrics spun from some poet head zone, Angels In America are a goddamned curiosity. We contacted them and asked to release Cunt Tree Grammar in an easier to grip edition which is what this is.
Monsieur Rhombus elucidates thus: “Bataille and Goosebumps; American Gladiators and Episode I; the Virgin of Guadelupe and Helen Mirren’s nude body. Out of regard for these and other cultural values already achieved, ANGELS IN AMERICA stands not athwart but rather lays down arms peaceable-like and promptly forgets earthliness as earthliness does it. Instead, its CUNT TREE GRAMMER tape grips some of those heavenly-minded proscriptions. B-but wait—Rules, grand formal ones, for imposition on proud freeform? ones rewarding wilful acts of daimonic genre subversion and interdicting some of those tropier impulses? Rationalizations of songy decadence coming alongside nods at creeping entropic noise? Some kind of light out there, vouchsafed from above amidst this darkest of dark? For if, as Alexander Theroux writes, one must love paradox to love life, CUNT TREE GRAMMER’s oozey guitar leak and unintelligible, but rest assured, perverted lyrics find purpose in the disunity.”
If you heat missile towards UT, Magik Markers, Confusion is Sex, Talk Normal, No New York etc you might wanna do yrself a favor and jam this kassette in whatever sound portals you employ. We’ve heard some brand newness from these cats and the tunage is as awesome as we hoped/feared. So stay in touch. #d edition of 100, clear tapes.