Angels Landing

Angels Landing

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Uplifting songs that can't be denied with musiciansip that will keep you coming back for more. Fans of Switchfoot and Daughtry will be sure to fall in love with the music of Angels Landing.


Former solo artist Keith Varon's new band, Angels Landing, generate enough power live to fuel a fleet of SR-71s to otherworldly spheres and beyond. Thundering verses, towering choruses, and transcendent melodies ignite this flight, and if the band's debut EP, 'Magnetic,' is any indication, the fleet is gone for good.

Hailing from the CIty of Angels, Angels Landing are a rock / pop trio comprised of Keith Varon - vocals / guitar, Matt Denis - bass, and George Lind - drums. Vocalist Varon's solo work has been featured on acclaimed MTV shows such as 'Laguna Beach,' 'The Hills,' and 'NEXT,' alongside ABC's 'What About Brian,' and E!'s 'Paradise City.' Varon has also toured extensively throughout his career, opening for a slew of notable artists, including Fastball, Edwin McCain, Vertical Horizon, and Stroke 9. Moreover, Varon is an established songwriter / producer for Radar / BMG publishing and has worked with the likes of Clinton Sparks (Interscope), Stars in Stereo, and Robert Marvin (Adam Lambert, Mat Kearney, Kelly Sweet).

Bassist Matt Denis a Musician's Institute grad with honors, and drummer George Lind - previously of The Higher (Epitaph Records) and Josiah Leming (American Idol) notoriety - round out the group, a seasoned rhythm section who've collectively been a mainstay on the Vans Warped Tour since '07, opening for countless world-renowned acts in the process. Denis who's also a studio musician has been recording with multi-platinum producers for the past 5 years and has done countless tours with bands through Monster Energy drinks. Between Lind and Denis, they make for an extremely exciting and rock solid rhythm section that do great job of supporting Varon's vocals.

Angels Landing recently teamed up with producer Howard Willing (Smashing Pumpkins, Sheryl Crow), resulting in their debut EP, 'Magnetic.' Released in early '12, the 6-song EP features "Reset," "Parachute," and the title track "Magnetic," among others. Music videos for "Reset" and "Parachute" were shot in February '12 in Southern California and are scheduled for release in the Spring 2013.


Magnetic EP - Spring 2013

Several Songs featured on American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

From Keith Varon's solo career...

"Can't Breathe" - Mtv's The Hills (MTV), Laguna Beach (MTV), What About Brian (ABC)
"Honestly" - The Hills (MTV) and Laguna Beach (MTV)
"Intoxicated" - NEXT (MTV), featured on KFOG's 104.5 upcoming bands to watch.
"After All" - NEXT (MTV)
"The Only Moment" Paradise City (E!)

Set List

Against The Crowd
Once in a Lifetime
Where the Streets Have No Name
Slow Motion