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Angels of Deception

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"AOD Pestilence review"

I came across this band’s page and out of curiosity began listening to their songs. I was amazed by this American band and yet I wanted to find out more about them, thus I logged into their CD Baby page and read the short bio.

“Pestilence” is the band’s second full-length album, which has just been released and I can say that I was very impressed with this work. They play a mix of Gothic and Industrial music, with heavy guitar usage (they have 3 guitarists) mixed with electronics. What I also liked about them is the fact that they use a real drummer (who is a woman) and a drum machine, and I think that keeps things interesting and original. In addition to that, the two male vocalists deliver the expected feeling and shape in their own way the songs and with the use of female vocals every once in a while manage to seduce the listener further.

Overall, I would characterize this album as varied in its scope and nature and offers most certainly a satisfying end result that should help spread the band’s name outside of Colorado. It is hard to truly appreciate their music, so I would suggest for at least a first listen through their website (the good thing is that you can stream the whole album at CD Baby). I have made my mind though – I have been hooked and I will start following them onto their quest…
- Spyros Papadakis

"June 30th at Union Station: Benefit Show..."

The first band to hit the stage was Angels Of Deception. These guys ( and one hot lil drummer chick) are from Pueblo and came up on last notice to perform. And perform they did. For the opening show, they ROCK the place. With heavy, melodic songs screaming from the instruments of James (bass), Nate (keys), Armando and Dan (guitars), Holly (drums), and Nick on vocals, these guys brought the brutality with them all the way from Pueblo and unleashed it on a crowd of willing follies. As they opened their set and closed their set with Heavy, they made sure not to skip any parts of the middle with the same type of fast, choppy, thunderous guitar licks and drumming. Nick's voice was not to be under estimated once his mouth open and the sounds of terror were released from his mouth. James was rockin the bass from between Dan and Nick, still keeping his own on the stage. Armando was flying through guitar riffs and speedy triplets like a mad man on fire. His technigue is one to be watch and studied by any who wish to be fast and yet sound good at the same time. And then there's Holly. The badass, 5 foot nothing, flipflop wearing, badass chick that came out of nowhere (or so it seemed to someone that has never seen them before) with her speedly delivered tom rolls and her lightning fast double bass kicks. These guys tore it up from start to finish on their set. I would like to see these guys again. On the scale of 1-10 for live performance... I give them a 8. Job well done guys.

- D. Cadavor

"Doin it to it in Denver Benders Style!!"

Welcome To Denver! You are currently 5000 feet above sea level, and in one hell of a town! If your looking got a bar to go on a drunken bender, Benders Tavern is the place to be. Oh yeah, and some kick ass bands too!! Just joking this weekend was full of talent. From the show stopping young acts to the mind-blowing veterans, this was just what the Emergenza doctor ordered....


"This was a night packed with energy and excitement. From Axial, Italy Without Venice, Angels of Deception, Blood Born Ashes, and Our Funeral Forgotten, you couldn’t ask for a better line up. Angels of Deception brought home the 1st place position . They Gave a very well thought performance featuring stage antics, with fog lights and stage presents, definitely a band not to miss..."

A Big thanks to all the bands that took the stage at Benders Tavern, and thanks to Larry the bar tender as well for making Emergenza fell welcome and for giving us a good laugh all weekend long!! Larry sure made he-self a good part of every show. Those of you who where there know what I’m talking about!! We will see you all Next round. Thank you Denver!!

Nancy Stone - 16 Jan 2006
- Nancy Stone


SOCIAL SUICIDE (2004) Sonic Wave International
This album is distributed by The Orchard, and is available through most major online stores. Social Suicide is also available through i-tunes,and Verizon VCast.
The song Sheep in Wolves Clothing is featured on Project Independents 3rd metal compilation cd. It is a nationally distributed CD from Project Independent that is two CDs. The featured band PURITY as well as the metal compilation 3 CD.
AOD has realeased their sophomore album "Pestilence", which is self produced, and self recorded. Available at all online retailers.



Welcome to world of AOD. We are a band based out of Pueblo, Colorado.We are not only what we are influenced by but what we create. We only exist to create MUSIC and ART. Human nature makes us dark and violent creatures and as a society we have learned to bury these feelings. This practice is wrong, those dark thoughts are nothing to fear and they are a part of you. What we are is what they are to afraid to be...
Love us, Hate us... We are here and cannot be silenced