Christian hard rock band with a classic, melodic sound, ala Journey, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi.


Angelspeak is the creation of lead vocalist and songwriter, Michael Stover. Michael is a former member of Forever Endeavor (Christian Metal), Stormfront (rock) and 2nd to None (coverband). He is a Billboard Magazine Songwriters Contest winner (Cold-Blooded), and his songs have been recorded by Bryan Cole, Kevin Morgan, Deanna Dawn Denning, and Vonne Andring. With Angelspeak, Michael is dedicated to testifying through its melodic rock with a message. Angelspeak's debut cd will begin production late 2010.


All songs are preproduction demos for upcoming full-length cd. However, we do have several songs in rotation on many internet stations.

Set List

We Sold Our Souls to Heaven, Forgiven, More than a Man, Reach for the Reason, Hallelujah, A Better Way, Ride Sweet Angel, 1 and Only, I could not love you anymore. sets are approx. 1 hour long. no cover songs