Angel Stevenson

Angel Stevenson

BandWorldAdult Contemporary

A soothing eclectic blend of lyric and music that is written specifically to arouse, amuse, and awaken our most inner thoughts on a particular subject matter.


Singer / Actor / Dishwasher / Emotional Therapist [U no U got Problems] / Comic / Songwriter / Videographer / Photographer / Producer / Arranger / & Official Jello Shot Taster

I am a songwriter first and a vocallist second. And although I can sing like no other, I will never be able to sing as well as I can write a song.

I am an everything man. My talents have no limits. So if you ever need a talented entertainer, please think of me



Set List

I write and sing and perform according to the situation. So if someone needs 15 minutes or 2 hours, I can fill it.