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Angel Tazari

1. Song of The Year
Category# 3, No.106
"The Conquest"

2. Best New Artist
Category# 4, No.281
"Sais Pas"

3. Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals
Category# 8 , No.127

4. Best Dance Recording
Category # 12, No. 076
"Get That"

5. Best Female R&B Vocal Performance
Category # 23 , No. 033
" You Never Knew"

6. Best Urban/Alternative Performance
Category # 27 , No. 027
" La Force, Cest" - ALT-MT

Reality by Darren Parry

Sundried by Nevaeh Hope
Talk by Alex Smart
You Could Break My Heart by Christopher Lazenby
Melodramatic Teenager by Tamar Broadbent
Grounded by Natalie Grace Chua

Brand New by Steve Tanner, Lonely by Wilson, Hepworth and Sawyer, Liar
by Brian Hastie, Miles From Home by Paul Alexander, Dancing Through The
Night by Lin Cremore, Nobody's Perfect… But by John Coughan and Jannica
Smith, She's Not Comfortable Being Seen by Leslie Berry, Roam by Lijie
Yang, Take Me In Your Arms by Michael van Truong, Love's Got Me Praying
by Catrin Lewis, Keep On Trying by Mike Hyden, Without Words by Mitsch
Kohn and Dominique Morris, I Love You Like I Do by Tamar Broadbent,
Good For Me by Emily Brothers, Can You Hear The Song by Bjarne Stoelen,
Reconciliation by Coutha Avelino, Mabuhay Ang Kalayaan by Coutha Avelino,
Miss You So by Peter North, Here We Are by Greg Federico, I'll be Fine
by Katie Haworth, Never Again by Lenny Breslaw, Sais Pas by Angel
Tazari, You Know Me Better by Kevin Fuller, You're The One by Anthony
Marcantonio, The Closer I Get To You by Edward McIntosh, Woman by Christina
Georgiou, Out Of My System Rory Flynn, If I Could Live This Day
Again by Mike Maclachlan, Bless The Children by Leslie Monaghan,
Tonight I'm Gonna Love You More Than Ever Mark Blue, Do It by Chris Turner,
No Lying by Paul Jay, While I Close My Eyes by John Geel. - UK Songwriting Contest

PROGRAM : KAOSFM - World Underground Music Show
WEEK : 17

01. "The scryer and the shewstone" - Peter Ulrich (REQUEST FROM:
02. "Welcome back home" - Willie Harris (EHK)
03. "One more time" - Mike Runnels (WHP)
04. "Since you stopped loving me" - Loman craig (EHK)
05. "Living in a Fantasy" - Billy Jackson (
06. "Where my truck stops" - Wolfe Milestone (WHP)
07. "Ten tonight us" - Loman Craig (EHK)
08. "Rovin Gambler" - Don Powell (EHK)
09. "Live Right" - Angel Tazari (3000 Records)
10. "Fair Angel" - The reverend Eddie Danger (3000 Records)
11. "The devil may care" - Rusty Blue (WHP)
12. "Just another man" - Cory Wilkins (independent)
13. "Fall in Love again" - Billy Jackson (
14. "Into the blue" - Resonance (3000 Records)
15. "Island in the Sea of signals" - Soft Cotton County (independent)
16. "Fashion Lover" - David Fox (EHK)
17. "Blood & Gold" - Billy Jackson (Quasar Productions)
18. "In our senior years" - Al & Brenda Hooper (EHK)
19. "No More" - Junoon (Nameless Music)
20. "No room for gloom in my tomb" - Ray R. Jones (EHK)
21. "Im a double clutchin truck drivin woman" - kitty houston (EHK)
22. "Messin Around" - Goldee Heart (independent)
23. "Grow Up" - The Naked Apes (Airplay Records)
24. "Sweet land of love" - Ray R Jones (EHK)
25. "Summer Sun" - Alan Whitfield (independent)
- ISON LiVE Radio Station

PROGRAM : The Australian Underground Dance Station
WEEK : 18

01. "in the head" - joe (REQUEST FROM: K Jones)
02. "Rock on dancing girls" - Diva Deja Vu (Solaris)
03. "Rock on dancing girls (remix)" - Diva Deja Vu (Solaris)
04. "traffic jam" - sunburn in cyprus (sur)
05. "another true story" - sunburn in cyprus (sur)
06. "Police woman 2002" - the rockmelons and Groove Quantize (Sony)
07. "loops" - bravado (Quenesada)
08. "shame" - Q-Burns abstract message (collision / MRA)
09. "higher" - pty ltd (collision / MRA)
10. "rush hour" - sunburn in cyprus (sur)
11. "carpe diem" - Diva Deja Vu (Solaris)
12. "now the wine" - sunburn in cyprus (sur)
13. "out of sight" - sunburn in cyprus (sur)
14. "Sais Pas" - Angel Tazari (independent)
15. "dreamtime" - sunburn in cyprus (sur)
16. "busy day on the beach" - sunburn in cyprus (sur)
17. "running on love" - bravado (Quenesada)
18. "sometimes" - pty ltd (collision / MRA)
19. "flirtin (remix)" - Melanie Dekker (independent)
20. "You never knew" - Angel Tazari (independent)
21. "true love" - sunburn in cyprus (sur)
22. "do you want me" - Diva Deja Vu (Solaris)
23. "dancing on high" - bravado (Quenesada)
24. "bells of peace" - bravado (Quenesada)
25. "reefer slackness" - sunburn in cyprus (sur)
- ISON LiVE Radio Station

PROGRAM : Australian Underground Dance Station
WEEK : 11

01. "I wanna live with you" - Marc Fruttero and Rosselle Inghilleri
(REQUEST FROM: kingsley)
02. "I wish Rythm slaves radio edit" - Malou (Collision)
03. "You Never Knew" - Angel Tazari (Independent)
04. "Position number 9" - Nerada (Zoo / ehk)
05. "Elama" - Yasser Habeeb (MRA)
06. "What is?" - Robert Noble (Exploresound)
07. "I wish rythm slaves club mix" - Malou (Collision)
08. "U must remember" - Malou (Collision)
09. "Take your time" - max-a-million (zoo / ehk)
10. "Work that love" - jr flex (zoo / ehk)
11. "For You" - Joe (Independent)
12. "Arhil" - Bahia El Idrissi (MRA)
13. "Turn it up" - Joe (Independent)
14. "Sais Pas" - Angel Tazari (Independent)
15. "Fatboy" - Max-a-million (zoo / ehk)
16. "Never I" - Joe (Independent)
17. "Jazz Me" - Malou (Collision)
18. "Priest" - MC Ear (Exploresound)
19. "Shiraz" - Sharif (MRA)
20. "Lili S'en Fout" - Toufic Farroukh feat. Yasmine Hamdam (MRA) - ISON LiVE Radio Station

PROGRAM : KAOSFM - World Underground Music Show
WEEK : 15

01. "Falling down" - Phat Tater (REQUEST FROM: Roy)
02. "The clown" - Dellie Hoske (3000 Records)
03. "Where is the love" - Mutti Lewis (independent)
04. "Nobodys perfect" - Zitter (3000 Records)
05. "Fair Angel" - The reverend Eddie Danger (3000 Records)
06. "Give it up" - Carole Fanning (independent)
07. "Find this baby of mine" - James Chavez Jr (Bram Ham Music
08. "The secret of your heart" - Miss Kristin (independent)
09. "Into the blue" - Resonance (3000 Records)
10. "Burnin" - The Treat (independent)
11. "King for a day" - Jackdaw4 (independent)
12. "Never give up" - Miss Kristin (independent)
13. "Run like hell to win" - Songrays Cobomusic (3000 Records)
14. "Sweat Shop" - The Larch (independent)
15. "Killing time" - Jim Buckley (3000 Records)
16. "The dance" - Miss Kristin (independent)
17. "Live Right" - Angel Tazari (3000 Records)
18. "If love is a song" - Maurice Mattei (EHK)
19. "Put away your guitars" - The Mung Brothers (independent)
20. "Born to run" - Toxic Virgin (independent)
21. "Why" - Kronus (independent)
22. "I dont like your attitude" - The mung Brothers (independent)
23. "This is your life" - Jackdaw4 (independent)
24. "Goodbye Hnery Hightower" - The Larch (independent)
25. "Evil Days" - Toxic Virgin (independent - ISON LiVE Radio Station


Yes the Cd is up and running on KREV. We are all automated so the CD
gets plugged in at various times. Thanks again

Paul Saunders
Station Manager
KREV-LP 104.7 FM Estes Park's Community Radio 24/7
Studio at the United Methodist Church
1509 Fish Hatchery Road
Estes Park, CO 80517
970-577-1312 Studio
970-586-4153 Church
- KREV Radio Station


The first CD: Angel-A.T.Her Best, released in 2001, has and still does receive radio airplay. The following is the list of songs on this CD:
1. A Gift
2.Life & Love
3.I Wish I Could Be Sure
4.Just Because
5.Silenet Cries, Is It Real
6.I Need Love
7.I Really Love You
8.People Wake-up
9.Live Right
10.Feel The Music
11.Walking Around

Since 2004 two singles from the sophomore CD has been included in the radio airplay along with the first CD and the titles are- "You Never Knew" and "Sais Pas" .

Now,the sophomore CD, "OverExposed", is officially released. Looking forward to hearing :
2.Let's Do This
3.Remember When
4.Sais Pas
5.Can't Stop This
6.You Never Knew
8.Get That
9.Hey JFJ
10.La Force C'est
11.The Conquest

The radio stations are not in receipt of the new music,yet, however, before the end of May the CD should be in their hands. The release was officiated after the Showcase in Santa Cruz,California on the 30th of April,2006.


Feeling a bit camera shy


World,here I come, long ways from my home of Philadelphia,Pennsylvania, but coming none the less.
Born and raised in Philly with a college education from Adelphi University majoring in French,then, utilizing my skills as a French teacher in the Philadelphia school-system. I was never truly happy until I left the USA to live in Paris,France. Choosing to live in Paris was like second nature to me after my experience as an Exchange student,which led me to France working in the Provence. And,it was the French who had discovered my artistic abilities. There I worked as a model and actress while pursuing my musical career. In the music business in Paris I met Clyde Wright who took an interest in my voice and trained me to do some performance with him. Finally,the doors to the music industry were opening . I worked with Clem Ashford and auditioned for LaVell. Also, had the opportunity to be managed briefly by Tony Mabote who had contracted a band giving me the chance to perform as lead singer. However,due to personal matters, I had to relinquish this contract. All in all life in Paris was truly blissful giving me the life of a true artist. Paris has great respect for those in Show Business.

Unfortunately, my life took a drastic change : got married and moved back to the States. My music career was halted and I didn't have a clue on how to relaunch it in America. That is until I went thru a divorce and met Dr.Larry "T-Byrd" Gordon I. he is a producer with his on recording studio. There is truly something good from every negative situation. He auditioned me and,then,offered to work with me. Now,this present day, I am still a member of his organization which thanks to him I have 2 CDs out. Which brings me to explain the music. I write my own lyrics based on life and what is happening in my life at that moment. All my music has spiritual meaning and lessons of life. These words of wisdom I am sharing with the world,at least those who are playing my CD.

Finally, what makes my show different from other bands because we are!!!! With my show there's not just me but,also,an up-and-coming rapper name Big Will. He is featured on both of my CDs and we do the show together. I start my show with dancers accompanying me Big Will joins in towards the end. The dancers & I,then, become the dancers for Big Will. And,he takes off......