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Last week, I mentioned that Steve Bello was sitting in on a show with local solo artist Angel Vivaldi at the Blue Room in Secaucus, NJ on Oct. 6. So, I went to his MySpage page to check out his stuff and I have two words for it... "Holy s**t!" I was floored after hearing Angel's guitar playing. This kid is the modern-day Joe Satriani and he's only 21 years old. The first track that I heard was a new song called "Through My Spine" and it actually sent chills down my "spine!" The next track that I heard was another new one called "Fire Forming" which was also a great piece of music. You can hear every note this kids hits crystal clear. He must be amazing to watch live!

If you want to hear what I'm talking about- go to
- The Aquarian

"Angel Vivaldi is one of those guitar virtuosos you always wish you knew about sooner. I’ve always heard about Angel and his amazing guitar work but for some reason or another I’d never gotten the chance to actually listen to any of it. That changed when one day Angel e-mailed me, offering to send me a copy of his latest recording, The Speed of Dark.

There’s no way of really describing just how great this 4-track album is. Angel and his band tear it up on all 4 songs, which are unified yet unique all at once. I hear a lot of Steve Vai in his music, but then again,anytime someone puts out incredible instrumental guitar music, you always think of Mr. Vai. My favorite track on here, if I had to choose one, would be “Acid Reign.” Oh, and by the way, kudos to his band mates for keeping up with him, he’s one fast player!"

by Rob Acocella- Paragon Magazine - PARAGON MAGAZINE

"Local guitar wiz Angel Vivaldi has a new CD out. It’s an EP called The Speed Of Dark. All I have to say is “Bravo, Angel! Bravo!” I think that when I first featured Angel Vivaldi, I called him a modern day Joe Satriani, but after hearing tracks like “Acid Reign” and “As The Sky Lay Burning,” I’d have to start calling him the metal Satriani on steroids! This kid is good and he’s starting to make a name for himself on the scene.
Besides being a solo act, he’s also played guitar for With Daggers Drawn and now he’s tearing it up with Black Market Hero featuring Max Illidge. Angel is young, but what a future ahead of him! Thank you Steve Bello for introducing me to this new guitar hero!
Check out Angel Vivaldi at"
~ The Aquarian Weekly

Read more: - The Aquarian Weekly


"Revelations" Release Date: March 08
"The Speed of Dark" Release Date: January 5th 2010



“If pop culture doesn't like instrumental music, I'm here to make them like it."

The agenda is simple: to become the artist that will catapult guitar instrumental into mainstream metal. Enter Angel Vivaldi.

Angel Vivaldi began his musical journey at the age of 15 with no intention of ever becoming an instrumentalist. Now at 24 years of age, the self-instructed guitarist of only 9 years is geared up for his upcoming EP "The Speed of Dark;" proving that you don't have to be a stereotype to write great music.

Angel’s debut album, “Revelations,” gained him enough notoriety to land him a spot as lead guitarist for Black Market Hero, (feat members of 40 Below Summer/FLAW). In addition to that, Angel has managed to captivate audiences non-stop with 3 other well known acts such as: With Daggers Drawn, Methodical (Toxic Shock Records) and Enstride.

With a profusion of catchy hooks, monster break-downs, eruptive blast beats, and face-peeling guitar work “The Speed of Dark" undoubtedly distinguishes Angel from his shred peers and into a musical spectrum that tastefully blends the Killswitch Engages with the Steve Vais. The exuberance of the new EP is delivered ten-fold during live performances. Crowds leave with a lot more than hypnotizing melodies in their heads and dropped jaws- they leave inspired.

“I believe that as a performer you’re obligated to give the audience something- whether it’s a thought, an emotion, a day dream, or a head-ache,” says Angel. “In order to be remembered you need to be conscious of how the audience will remember you.”

His passion for music and determination for success holds absolutely no bounds. The plan is to surpass his successors and carry the shred torch to epic proportions.