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Angelyna Martinez

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"( Angelyna is)doing hip renditions of a variety of jazz standards.”"

“There'll be a homecoming on Thursday at Luna when San Antonio native/Los Angeles denizen Angelyna Martinez pays a call. Martinez has done a bit of everything from hip-hop to torch tunes. For this visit she's working with a CD called "Labor of Love" that finds her doing hip renditions of a variety of jazz standards.”

-- Jim Beal, San Antonio Express-News, 24 May 2006

- San Antonio Express-News

"What A Wonderful World"

A wonderful arrangement & performance of an alltime favorite. The delicacy of this version is impressive. It's a haunting take on the song, which captures the essence of the lyric in a very evocative manner with an economy of means. Her vocals sound like honey. This recording is radio ready. - Taxi

"The Jazz Cafe"

Angelyna's new CD, Labor of Love, is first rate. It swings with great musicianship and a joyous flair. - Bob Collins / WRHU Hempstead,NY

"WLNZ Lansing, Mi"

Angelyna has depth and a natural style that will establish her as one of the best new artists of 2006. - Jim Stone ( Host of Big Band Swing )


"Ms. Martinez knows how ta' belt 'em down, with real verve & gutsy lines
that come straight from th' soul! After listening through several times already,
it's clear why director Tim Burton declared Angelyna's vocals to be
"simply beautiful". The recording is excellent, with a wonderful blend
of instruments that put her voice right out where it belongs - in FRONT!
This makes for a very pleasant listen for anyone who wants jazz with heart,
especially if you want to hear some "new" interpretations of old standard
jazz tracks. I give it a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, to be sure.
If you want to hear what "fresh" sounds like, get this one." - Rotcod Zzaj

"Fulvue Drive-In"

The PCM 2.0 Stereo is very nice and clear, demonstrating that this was
a well-recorded album. The detail of the instruments and fullness of her
voice do help sell the songs."

Rating B - Nicholas Sheffo

"KGLT Radio"

Angelyna Martinez goes to #1 - (CMJ Reporting Station)


Splashes of enchantment mixed with whispers of brilliance blanket the exquisite vocal tones of Ms. Angelyna Martinez. With the 2006 release of her debut venture called Labor of Love by MexiScott Music, Ms.Martinez hypnotically lures the interest of Jazz's attentive populance by the tones she introduces. This is a talent that must be heard and often from stage to recording, it's a sound that stands independently.

Stepping out with fire from the first spin "Straighten Up & Fly Right" the listener will understand that she has that certain special gift to introduce the unique and creative. At the same time throughout the project, an appreciation for the arrangements is in order. In fact, the total setup of cuts makes one understand that this was birthed with great care and insight.

What is special about this siren is her ability to address melodies. If she is in ballad mode it has the feel, passion and message driven vibes that make the cut affect the heart. If edgy and dynamic, Ms. Martinez plows the way with a sharp and vibrate vocal blade. Ms.Martinez's chameleon-esque abilitiy to apply her vocals to any mood successfully is rare and so very attractive to the jazz fan.

Ms. Martinez's interpretation of Willie Wonka ballad "Pure Imagination" is by far an enchanting tribute to the original. The range of octaves and vocal sensations is powerful and well worth numerous push-n-plays.

The project exits with such class as Ms. Martinez with grace performs Arlen's "Stormy Weather" an outstanding recreation. Adding a personality of it's own with her perception of the delivery of this classic, this works extremely well.

Labor of Love has all the characteristics of stardom in overdrive. Ms. Martinez has a special way of offering jazz so it seeps into your soul bringing a new attitude to your listening experience. Take this debut effort seriously and you will enjoy many future moments with Angelyna Martinez.

- Karl Stober

"All Music Guide"

"The album is a collection of standards in the extreme. Angelyna can swing, she can hop, she can croon." - Adam Greenberg


2006 CD Release " Labor Of Love '

Labor of Love has been added to over 50 radio stations. LPJ Entertainment handles CD promotion and club & festival bookings, Jones & O'Malley handles Publicity, TV & Borders Tour
"What A Wonderful World," "Miss Celie's Blues," and "Route 66," are among radio favorites.



Angelyna Martinez

Native of San Antonio, Texas, not only is Angelyna an artist who captivates you completely with her Latin background, her infectious smile and her seducing tone, but with each breath, with each note, she slowly takes you on a mesmerizing journey where time stands still.

The words unique, soulful, beautiful and haunting are often heard when describing her voice. Her seasoned voice is a combination of modern day Ella meets the Blues - a perfect recipe for the most dedicated Jazz lover.

Angelyna attributes her singing career to the fact that she began performing at the tender age of six and was offered her first recording contract at the age of thirteen. While her first love is singing, her talent doesn’t stop there. Angelyna has also appeared on television in numerous episodics as well as on stage performing in New York. In 1992, she was cast in the musical ClubXII: a hip-hop version of Romeo & Juliet. It is here she shared the stage with Lauren Hill, Wyclef Jean & MC Lyte. This proved to be only the beginning.

Angelyna’s fast success took her on a world tour singing with Sybil. She has performed and shared the stage with Lenny Kravitz, Maxwell and Luscious Jackson, as well. Not only has Angelyna traveled the globe singing, but she was a Guest of Honor performing at Madison Square Garden in front of thousands, capturing hearts at New York’s world-renowned Radio City Music Hall as well as Los Angeles’ popular House of Blues. In fact, for three years, as numerous celebrities and socialites lined up to be seduced by Angelyna, she performed weekly with the Nat Jones Trio every Friday & Saturday night at New York’s famous nightclub Tatou.

A true chameleon in every sense of the word, critics have claimed her performance is nothing short of an electrifying, passionate and seducing experience you won’t soon forget.
The real deal, with a rare combination of full body sound with spice and power that leaves you wanting more… the perfect ending to any song.

Los Angeles is home now for Angelyna, she entertains her fans all over the city by performing at such trendy digs as Guy’s, Nic’s in Beverly Hills and The Mint.

Just as we were thinking that she couldn't make us want her any more than we already do, in 2005 she recorded her debut Jazz CD entitled “Labor of Love”. This soulful trip down memory lane will entice lovers of Jazz from age 16 to 60. Guaranteed to deliver moments of suspended awe with well-deserved admiration, you’ll find yourself embracing her renditions of classics such as “What A Wonderful World”, and “It Don’t Mean A Thing” and being enthralled completely with her version of “Fever”. But as always she saves her best for last and simply takes your breath away with track # 9, “Pure Imagination”. You can catch these classic releases from Angelyna on the rapidly-growing online independent radio station Indie 101 as well as in theatres nationwide on Movie Tunes.

As world acclaimed Director and Writer Tim Burton recently stated while listening to her CD, “Her voice is haunting”, “Simply beautiful”.

This is not Angelyna’s perfect ending but rather her inspiring beginning.

Angelyna has just returned from a tour of the Southwest, which included TV , Club and in-store performances. Angelyna received rave reviews from all!