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Angel Zuniga Martinez

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Pop


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"The Cage by Angel Zuniga Martinez"

“The Cage," Angel Zuniga Martinez (
Angel Zuniga Martinez is a guy who seems to have come from a more romantic age - maybe a more romantic new age. Martinez's best selling points include a dramatic croon that recalls Morrissey and Freddie Mercury and melodies that could've easily slipped onto MTV in the 1980s. In fact, the lovely "Broken In Two" makes a good case for bringing back the era. Then there's the sweet "Play," which rambles along with such a likeable lilt that it could've been created by some British Invasion group in the late 1960s.
At other times, you just have to pause and wonder. At first I hated the electro-disco "Sounds" (with a rap by drummer Frank Sheadrick), but for some reason when the language changes to Spanish it became cheesily charming. There is no doubt that Martinez continues on his own musical path. It's always fun to follow along.
Wayne Bledsoe may be reached at 865-342-6444 or He is also the host of "All Over the Road" midnight Saturdays to 4 a.m. Sundays on WDVX-FM.
- KnoxNews Wayne Bledsoe

"Incendiary Magazine reviews ATLMs Humanist Queen Album"

"Angel and the Love Mongers’ The Humanist Queen is like the soundtrack to an unmade John Hughes movie. It’s one part Thompson Twins, two parts The Cure and a big hefty dollop of Morrissey. It’s probably two decades too late to make any big waves out there in chartland (if only because The Killers have beaten them to the punch) but for those of us that dreamt of showering with Kelly Le Brock, it’ll make us smile nonetheless." by Damien Leslie, Incendiary Magazine in UK The Netherlands.

- Incendiary Magazine -Damien Leslie -UK

"No One Sings Quite Like Angel"

"His throaty, emotive crooning has a touch of Morrissey, Freddie Mercury, and Jeff Heiskell of the Judybats. His songs are completely, unrepentantly, unapologetically about love with a capital L....The singer's sentiments are those of an observant, emotional grown man, but they simultaneously strike the same vein of feelings held by middle school girls. Mixed with pop beats circa 1986, Angel and the Love Mongers become something vaguely familiar yet not a total throwback, perhaps because Martinez's delivery is so wholly sincere. Even better, these heartfelt musings are layered on top of some seriously catchy pop hooks....Knoxville has its share of pop bands, but nothing quite like Angel and the Love Mongers. They have harnessed the simplicity and energy of 80s pop/dance music that Franz Ferninand is copping for chart-topping hits and multi-million dollar sales..." by Molly Kincaid, Mike Gibson, Paige M Travis of Metropulse / A.C. Entertainment - The Metropulse, Knoxville

"ALLMUSIC reviews Humanist Queen"

"Knoxville's Angel Zuniga and Eric Nowinski, dba Angel and the Love Mongers, are a duo that recalls the British synth pop duos of the early 1980s, particularly Soft Cell of "Tainted Love" fame....Zuniga proves to be a drama queen in a long tradition of self-regarding frontmen including not only Almond but also Bryan Ferry and David Bowie, among many others. It's no surprise that he's a former actor and model, since he seems to sing, in his smooth, rhythmic tenor, as if staring into a mirror, his lyrics full of a sort of theatrical introspection; his emotional turmoil, clearly, is at least partly (and probably primarily) for show. And, as with any star, somehow his vanity is compelling instead of being off-putting. It helps, of course, that the music is so catchy. By the end, when Zuniga wishes for a "Tornado Wind" to pick him up and take him away from his troubles, it's obvious what he has in mind. Like generations of star-struck androgynous young men before him, he wants to be Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. " by William Ruhlmann , - ALLMUSIC by William Ruhlmann

"Angel, Love Mongers carry torch of Pop Perfection"

"...It's sunny, happy pop rock --not the prefabricated garbage that passes for music on pop radio these days, but honest-to-goodness rock n roll that's as earnest as it is well crafted." by Steve Wildsmith of The Daily Times, Maryville - The Daily Times, Maryville Entertainment, Steven Wildsmith

"Popmatters Reviews Humanist Queen"

"Knoxville, Tennessee is probably not the first place one would look for melodic, melancholy ‘80s influenced rock in the vein of groups like The Smiths, Depeche Mode and The Cure. Yet against the backdrop of the Smoky Mountains, Angel and the Love Mongers have recorded an album that brings the UK to mind. The band imbues their music both with the charcoal gray hues of overcast English skies and with a bit of bounce and vigor that keeps their sound from completely dominated by ominous tones ("Speak Straight to Me or Die” is a perfect example of this synthesis). Led by frontman Angel Zuniga, the band draws on their influences without sounding unoriginal; Zuniga’s versatile vocals recall Dave Gahan ("Let It Be Done") and Morrissey ("Sideways") while exhibiting his own charisma. The album’s best tracks include “Sideways” and “What Do I Know” with its delightfully retro brand of guitar pop and call-and-response vocals from Zuniga. The band’s lyrical commentary on social and religious behaviors adds an interesting dimension to what is an already attention-worthy project." [PopShop, Amazon, Amazon UK]
- Popmatters

"Angel Bonnaroo performance reviewed"

"Angel and the Love Mongers: In the tiny Troo Music Tent, this Knoxville band was so good that for the first three or four songs, I was sure they were playing covers. Lead singer is a former model and actor, and his on-stage strutting and preening and pouting seemed a parody of rockstar-dom. But, alas, he was dead serious. Still and all, his voice made up for the silliness, and the whole set led Roommate to comment “there weren’t bands like this when I lived in Knoxville” on several occasions."

Keep spreading the love..." by My Loueyville - My Loueyville BLOG


The Cage, Release Date, Saturday, February 6, 2010 at The Bijou Theatre in Knoxville, TN.



After the break up of Brit Rock act, Angel & the Love Mongers, following their Bonnaroo 2007 appearance, Angel Zuniga Martinez is supporting his debut solo album release, The Cage. Angel's Tex Mex and R&B roots style makes for a tasty melodic pop rock sandwich. The diversity of the songs on the album, which will be performed LIVE, may suggest the influence of Morrissey and Freddie Mercury one moment and Jim Morrison and Freddie Fender the next.

Angel Zuniga Martinez began singing and playing guitar at 9 years of age in his native South Texas home in Brownsville. After several musical groups in Dallas, Texas, after his college career at Texas A&M, a beautiful woman and fate brought Angel to the East Tennessee hills in Knoxville. This led to the creation and release of two albums with his group, Angel & the Love Mongers, that received good acclaim within the College Radio Market. Angel and the Love Mongers were formed in the spring of 2004 in Knoxville, TN, by singer/songwriter/southpaw guitarist, Angel Zuniga and drummer Eric Nowinski. Their self-titled first album was produced by Don Coffey, Jr. (Superdrag), and released on Disgraceland Records in February 2005. For their second, they turned to veteran Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Let's Active, Wilco), who produced and played on The Humanist Queen, released following the band's June appearance at the Bonnaroo Festival.