Ange Murphy

Ange Murphy

 Bateau Bay, New South Wales, AUS

ANGE MURPHY - Acoustic Singer Songwriter - Ange, 28 picked up a guitar 10 years ago. With a passion for music she taught herself the basics in guitar then moved on to the lyrical side of things. Ange has released two EP's 'Branded' (2009) 'Neither Here nor There' (2011) and enjoys writing music and performing. Ange loves to share her passion for music and teach young children to follow their dreams through music. Music is a great dynamic to express feelings and share a story - and this can certa


28 yr old singer/songwriter. Performing locally (Central Coast), Newcastle and Sydney. Inspired by the likes of acoustic singers around the world. "I Love that laid back vibe from festivals and while I'm enjoying the music I create I will keep at it".
Writing a song that has meaning to my life and experiences is my release and to have others hear my words and relate is, in itself the reason I picked a guitar up and discovered that doing this makes me happy.
After releasing 2 CD's I am extremely excited to get set for the third. My music has taken so many directions through it's journey and am looking forward to the next chapter.

"an angel from the Central Coast whose voice and music is warm and vibrant, pure and natural"
(Syd Gig Guide, Eastern Lounge'11)


BRANDED (EP) (2009)
1. Perfect Girl
2. Punk Lullaby
3. Feet on Backwards
4. Simple Life
5. Tonight
6. Down Before I Start
7. Hope and Everlasting
8. Forever Mine

1. Apple Tree
2. Fools Heart
3. Open Up
4. Poison
5. Spin Me
6. Sunbaker

Triple J Unearthed - Ange Murphy

Set List

1 hour Original Set

4 hour Set of covers