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Anger In The Attic

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Feeling a bit camera shy


If you had the chance to see yourself in another light, to look deep within yourself and see what nobody else sees, the thing that makes you who you are, to know once and for all what drives you. If you had that chance, would you take it? Or would you rather continue living life blind? Would you turn down an opportunity to know the truth, foresaking ever being truly complete just because you are comfortable and secure? Or would you let yourself overcome your fear? Knowing whatever the outcome, you would become whole. Who is to say what is right and what is wrong? No one. But what if you had no choice but to face this truth, this idea, this key to life? What if someone or something put it out there in plain site for everyone to see? Would you feel enlightened or could you not stop yourself from bursting into tears knowing that your entire life has been a lie, and that the reason you have been betrayed, the author of this lie, was you......

Anger In The Attic got started in the fall/winter of 2003 as a side project. Dave Smith (guitar) started the band for fun making his own music on a little recorder. He would record guitar, bass, and the drums off of a keyboard. People would then sing over his songs. While his little brother, Steve Smith (drums) was learning to play the drums and his skill progressed to the point where they realized they can finally start the band they always wanted. When it was time to find a singer, the timing couldn't be more perfect. Kevin Olsen was in a band that was basically falling apart. He sang on one of the songs Dave had recorded and came back to do a "guest spot" on the song. The chemistry within the band members were too strong to deny so he officially joined that day. To make the band a little more unique, the picked up a second singer. Lance Liebert decided to join the band basically because he was unhappy in his current band, and wanted to more of the style that A.I.T.A. are doing. Kevin and Lance were actually living together at the time, so it all felt like it was all happening for a reason. After being unhapy with the previous bassist, the band looked towards long time friend Sam Santiago to do the job. Although Sam never really picked up a bass before, you wouldn't be able to know that while watching him play. Sam learned all the songs and played his first show in two weeks of joining. He puts his heart into everything and that is why he is still learning and catching onto things very fast. This band has a strong passion about what they do. This band is based on heart and determination. Day by day the band grows stronger and keep writing the music that they love, play as many shows as possible, and having as much fun as possible.