Angharad Drake

Angharad Drake

 Buderim, Queensland, AUS

I am a 17 year old singer/songwriter. I play in a acoustic folk genre. I compose many of my songs on my guitar but have started adding the dulcimer to my arrangements. I love writing music, whether it is on my own or with others and it is my greatest hope to one day spend my life as a performer.


In 2005 at the age of 13 I started performing in a band with my parents playing regular gigs at venues on the Sunshine Coast. In 2009 I was accepted into the Creative Generation Excellence Awards where I met up with the director of an organisation called Fretfest, working to promote singer/songwriters. I now perform regular gigs across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. In 2010 I was accepted into the Queensland University of Technology where I am currently studying bachelor of music. I recently became a finalist in the first heat of the Musicoz Awards.

I am influenced by artists such as Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Mumford & Sons, Ron Sexsmith, Fionn Regan and many others.


Not Yours

Written By: Angharad Drake

If I stayed inside,
there’d be no need to laugh, and no need to cry.
If I shut the door,
There’d be no want for less, and no want for more.

I wouldn’t need the sun and I wouldn’t need the rain,
I wouldn’t have a single doubt, I wouldn’t have a single pain,
I wouldn’t count the days and I wouldn’t watch the time,
I wouldn’t wait until tomorrow, because tomorrow is not mine.

But one day, you passed me by,
Two days, your eyes met mine,
Three days, there’s someone on my mind.

Now I need the light,
No more, artificial light,
Yes I need your light.

Wish I knew what I knew now, but I am not the first to come here,
If I was never, gonna be yours,

Words kept quiet and the silence never helps,
And I kept still because, walking gets you lost somewhere out there,
There’s no cause but there was never one before,
Still I wish there was a door out of this place.

Four days, there’s something wrong,
Five days, can’t play along,
Six days, there’s something on your mind.

Wish I knew what I knew now but,
Something in your eyes told me,
Something in your smile showed me,
And something in the nothing told me,
That I was never, gonnd be yours,
We used to count the days but then lost count,
Used to watch the time but then ran out,
And I really want to laugh but I forgot,
I really want to cry but I cannot.

Wish I knew what I knew now but I am not the first to come here,
If I was never, gonna be yours,

Set List

- Sunshine
- Not Yours
- Goodbye
- Graduation Song

I perform early folk songs by artists such as Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, and Bob Dylan, but also modern music such as Laura Marling, Ron Sexsmith, Mumford & Sons, etc.