Angie Goodale Band

Angie Goodale Band


Live shows are better explanations than wordy descriptions


The Angie Goodale Band is a singer-songwriter based band with rock sensibility and alternative americana stylings. Angie and Doug Morton pick up their musical collaboration where they left off with Ion Avenue which formed in 2003 and have one release Liquid Photograph (2004).

“I’ve heard various responses from people about this music but my favorite was coming offstage after opening a show for Ralph Roddenbery, who was leaning against the wall listening to us“:
"What a nice surprise." -Ralph Roddenbery of Ralph Roddenbery Band, Athens Ga (

Historically speaking, Angie’s music interest had always been drums until she discovered the rewards of writing. The natural transition from drums to guitar occurred when the option for playing Live entered the musical picture. In order to sing newly written songs, Angie had to teach herself guitar and so it was. Still, there is the real potential for the guitarist to lay down a few drum tracks in her upcoming second release which is scheduled to be released in 2009-early 2010.

With a strong need to give back to the community, Angie has proudly offered her musical support to worthy causes in the Atlanta scene ranging from the much-loved 500 Songs For Kids ( to benefits for lost Artists and Community members to Animal Shelters. Giving back has always been a part of Angie’s conscientiousness because when you can do something, you should.


Would You Be One

Written By: Angie Goodale

Don't bother with coffee my hearts racing like a drum
If I sold my soul for freedom tell now, would you come? Tell me would you come
I don't want to know what's out there only poor pathetic puns
Saying everything to everyone
Would you be one?
Would you be one?
Would you be one?
Candle in the mind is slowly burning
I seek solace in its warmth
If I loved ya like a pretty flower
Would you need more sun?
Would you need more sun?
Would you need more sun?
So am I the bloody sore that keeps remembering
Am I the distance you are travelling
Above the length of what doesn't matter I knew, I knew
That you'd be one
Would you be one
Would you be one



Liquid Photograph (2004)