Angie Griffith

Angie Griffith

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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Little Tipsy, Lotta Twang

Written By: Angie Griffith/Jason Massey

"Little Tipsy, Lotta Twang"
Copyright 2010 Jason Massey/Angie Griffith

This watermelon town is all dried out
Got empty trucks on the side of the road
Been livin' on toast, sippin on Keystone
Thankin' the Lord for the down home girls

Don't take no cover charge
To get 'em dolled up
Just need a radio and dixie cups

A little tipsy, a lotta twang
Hick chicks kickin' boots on a pile of hay
Couple cold ones gettin' 'er done
Don't take much to have a ton of fun
Just a small town, big sound, gettin' down
Doin' our thang
A little tipsy, a whole lotta twang

We were just gettin' loud
When the keg ran out
But a little too drunk for another run
So we cleared a little ground
Put the tailgates down
Put wood in a pile and we lit it on fire

We lined up all our trucks
And cranked the speakers up
The beer went quick but it was just enough


Been up to New York
Out west to L.A.
This open field is where I'm gonna stay

Chorus out