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I Lied

Written By: Angie

Remember the last night
I cried beside the bed
Praying you'd be alright
Caressing your shaking hand.
The liquor became a part of you
Baby, I didn't know what to do.
I told you I'd be there.

You said I Lied,
I Lied as I walked out the door,
I lied, I couldn't take it anymore.
Watching you kill yourself
Was more then I could take.
What you didn't hear
Was my heart continue to break,
I lied.

All the nights you'd creep in
You didn't think that I'd hear,
My face was buried deep
Inside a pillow full of tears.
I couldn't help you anymore
I had to just walk out the door.
I said I'd be there,
You said I lied.
I was lying to myself.
I lied- hoping someday you would change,
I'll always be the same.
I lied.