Angie Reno

Angie Reno


Straight forward country-blues


Dallas based blues singer (w/ a country twist) who truly enjoys song-writing. Been gigging in the Dallas metroplex for a WHILE! Even wrote a movie script about the local music scene (Carl Hiaasen, Texas style). I'm the proud mama of two beautiful boys, a step-mom to one fine young chap and a happily married woman - go figure, for a blues is the second time 'round, though! :) Enjoy!


Two Demo's in the market, none w/ streaming or radio play - although I did have one original tune, '3:45', make it on NPR's 'Car Talk' show - yes, the Click and Clack Brothers!

Set List

Set list includes Etta James, Janis Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaugh, Eric Clapton.