Angie Schonberger

Angie Schonberger


Voice is textured, strong, breathy at times, slips into falsetto, very distinct. Writing is honest, descriptive, lots of images, deals with everything from human relationships, social and world issues, everyday emotions, simple stories. Sounds like a cross between Sarah Harmer and Nora Jones.


When playing with my band, we often refer to ourselves as "Mile Off 21," the reason being.. we all live about a mile off of Norfolk County Road 21. Where I come from is very important to me, and is the basis to all roots music. I've lived and worked on a farm my entire life. I love nature, and being outdoors.. images of which are often reflected within my songs. The combination of my original writing and sound are what make my music so unique. I focus a lot on the sound of my voice. My own natural sound and flow are important to me, but so is musical technique in developing this sound. I like my music to sound neat and tidy, yet not over-analyzed and over-produced. The most important thing to me is getting a piece of my soul across to the listener. My musical influences include a range of people that I know personally, and artists whom I have never met. I have loved music since I was young, but not having come from a musical family, I did not have much guidance. Down my road lived a husband and wife who taught music. The theory aspect, the performing aspect, the writing aspect, and the creative aspect. This couple, Alison and Darrin Schott have been the biggest musical influence throughout my life introducing me to bluegrass and classic country music. Another personal musical influence who encouraged me to pursue music as a profession is Sara Veldhuis who upon hearing me sing one day worked at getting me different gigs, places to play, bands to open up for, etc. She introduced me to a lot of more contemporary folk/rock music. Other major musical influences include: Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Nora Jones, Sarah Harmer, Lori McKenna, Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, The Dixie Chicks, Alison Krauss, Crooked Still, Shawn Colvin, Jenny Whiteley and Joey Wright, Tim O'Brien, The Undesirables, Rose Cousins, Gillian Welch, Patsy Cline, Joni Mitchell, The Kinks, The Beatles, Elliott Smith etc. As an 18 year old girl in my final year of high school, I am working on improving my guitar skills, learning a variety of music, exposing myself to as much poetry as possible, creating some good quality recordings, playing within my local area, and preparing myself for next year. I intend to relocate to Toronto to further my education and seek greater musical opportunities than are offered in my small town.


Backporch of My Mind

Written By: Angie Schonberger

I don't know if it's ever felt snow
The backporch of my mind
The roof slants down way too low
My eyes, my eyes are blind.

I don't really care if you go
You've been here all this time
Lines in your hands pressed to my skin
Though you're no longer mind

I can't see myself in this face
Floating o'er the surface of the stream
The shaky lines are so unsure
Colours don't seep down deep

I won't look to the window of your airplane
I know you'll be looking down at me
So long, so long our love went wrong
But you were right for me.

Your Favourite Records

Written By: Angie Schonberger

There's a beercap on my shoulder
with a shiny maple leaf
There are grinding cars and I'm not sure
how I got beneath

There's a Sunday that's been lost
in a shallow, tainted laugh
and they say one day we'll be the first
to feel the wrath-
what wrath? we can't feel!

I'll play your favourite records,
though they're not really mine
I'll dance and I'll sing my hips they'll swing
and you will think I'm ly'in
But I'm not!

I don't know the words you're saying
on this rainy day parade
but the band plays on and the soldiers just keep
marching anyway

You are handing out your window
You are drowning in your shame
While a foreign word rolls off your tongue
you swear that it's my name-
don't sound like my name!

1st verse


Working on recording albums as an independent artist.

Set List

Typical set lists include fast and slow covers of many of the above artists, along with new artists that I am continually discovering! I also work in my original songs that I feel best represent me including "Empty Phonecalls" written about my relationship with my parents, "Backporch of My Mind" written about a goodbye with a former lover, "Your Favourite Records" written about the isolation within the human race, "Out Near the Water" written about one of my natural spiritual havens, "American Eagle" a song protesting sweatshops, "Cheesy Music" a quirky teenager love song, "Inspire" about a hopeless lover, "Elastics" a heartache song, and many others.