Angola Farms

Angola Farms


The light at the end of the tunnel that turns out to be a train. The over-the-hill fighter who won't stay down. The woman with a past. The gun in the cut-out pages of a King James bible.


After decades of honing chops in an unholy variety of punk/rock/hardcore endeavors, drummer Tommy Archuleta(Facedown, Disasterman, Beautiful Stupid Radio, 23 More Minutes) called up guitar owner Ben Ziegler(Sex, Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Anti-Bastard) and said "Hey, man lets do some crazy, bluesy thing and not over-think it." To which he replied, "Does the pope shit in the woods?" Thus, Angola Farms was born.
Place has always been the stick-that-stirs in the sound of rock. Seattle, Motown, British Invasion, Detroit garage, Haight-Ashbury, and NYC. The list goes on and on. Well sportsfans, place is what Angola Farms is all about. Half the band is New Mexican born Chicano, all Catholic discipline and Spanish excess. The other, an Idaho born, Louisiana bred, son-uva-Quaker mother and cajun dad. If that's not a recipe for blood-in-the-dirt, god and the devil soul, nothing is. So if it's a place you want to be or you got to get out now. Or a headspace you can't wring yourself out of. Or maybe you're homesick and can't go home again. Whatever it is, that's Angola Farms. Blues? Hell. But black too. And red label and white lightning. You got a hole in your soul? Chances are it's shaped like Angola Farms.


Combine -2008

Set List

Set list carries anywhere from 10 to 20 songs, 35 mins.-1 hour. All originals.