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"AB is one of those rare bands that combines..."

"AB is one of those rare bands that combines incredible musicianship with the ability to get the crowd involved in the show.... the songs were all top-notch."

Jay Atheney
Ska Florida Magazine, (2009)
- Ska Florida Magazine

"Angry Banana may have conquered...."

"Angry Banana may have conquered the New Orleans ska scene with the well-received release of their sophomore album last November, but they're not content to stop there..."

Brett Schwaner
Anti-Gravity Magazine (January 2009)

- Antigravity Magazine

"The Show Will Go On..."

"The band had set out in pursuit of every young musician's dream -- bringing their music to the masses, igniting new venues with their talent, maybe catching the attention of a talent scout or record executive somewhere along the way...."Triumphant" went out the window [after the accident] in New Hampshire, but the show would go on. And if anything, the events of the previous two weeks would ensure that the members of Angry Banana savored their moment in the House of Blues spotlight."

Kat Glass
The Times Picayune (July 25, 2007)
"Band On The Run" - The New Orleans Times Picayune

"Angry Banana knocked it out of the park...."

Angry Banana knocked it out of the park.....With the room packed full about 200 people and everyone swaying back and forth by the end of the set. You could hear "we can't go back" three streets down on a song they claimed they had not played in a while. It was an absolutely amazing performance.

Kyle The Journalist (September 2008)
- Show Reviews


(2008) Be Nice or Leave

1. Angry Dance
2. Pressure
3. Know For Sure
4. Push Push Push
5. 4+1
6. I'm Content
7. All The Things
8. Everready
9. December
10. The Fight Alone
11. These Things Happen

(2007) Out of Keys EP

1. Everready
2. What She Said
3. Silly Hat
4. Kristen
5. Her Name Is John
6. Song of Doom



Booking/Press: Tom Chichila- tjchichi(at)
Street Team Information: Rachit Taneja- rachittaneja(at) (for up to date News and Tourdates) (for show videos on our channel)


“New Orleans is where we call home. It’s not just our hometown, its part of us. You can feel it in every song and hear it in every solo.” says lead vocalist Tom Chichila. Angry Banana sure have rallied a city that not too long ago was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Not only do they embrace the city, the city seems to love these guys right back. Hundreds of ska lovers routinely come out to their shows and it’s amazing there aren’t any casualties. “The shows can get crazy,” says Chichila, “ I’m a big believer that people of all ages need interaction like this- controlled chaos if you will. Everyone dances together- sometimes it gets rough, but if you fall you will get picked up. No one intentionally tries to hurt anybody even when the pit gets rough- this is how we get our frustration out, we dance.”

The band, currently consisting of Rob Landry (drums), Matt Thomas (sax), Chichila, Rachit Taneja (trumpet), Brendan Muse (baritone sax), Dominic Mercante (guitar) and Austin Bres (bass), has been through its ups and downs throughout its few years of existence. The band came together between 2004 and 2005, but before the band could really get off the ground they experienced their first setback, the natural disaster known as Katrina that scattered the original members of Angry Banana across the country. Yet the band kept in touch, and when they could re-enter the city in 2006 they essentially started over. Their first shows proved successful enough that by 2007 they were planning their first tour. However, they were forced to cancel nine tour dates along the east coast when one of their touring vehicles flipped across Interstate 89 in New Hampshire. Luckily no one was seriously injured, but this blow could have killed the band. Not long after they returned home, Landry’s drum kit was stolen from his car when he made a routine stop at a local Walmart and about a month later, they went through their first significant lineup change since Katrina. Retaining only three original members (Landry, Thomas, and Chichila), the band once again felt like it was starting over, being joined by Brendan Muse, Rachit Taneja, Dominic Mercante, and Austin Bres. “Yeah, it’s been quite the ride,” joked Chichila. “At least we can honestly say the show must go on!” Most bands would never have lasted through all this, but Angry Banana is an exception.

Not all has been dismal though, or it wouldn’t be humanly possible to sustain a band like this. Over the past three years since Katrina, Angry Banana has built itself a loyal following in and around New Orleans and the crowds are only getting bigger. They’ve shared the stage with national acts such as Streetlight Manifesto (twice), Whole Wheat Bread (twice), The Voodoo Glowskulls, Big D and The Kids Table, The Know How, Suburban Legends, and many more. Preferring to keep their shows all ages, they’ve played shows at local staples The House of Blues New Orleans, The Parish, The High Ground, The Dragon’s Den, and various halls around the city and have even more in store for the future.

The band has also recorded and released an EP, “Out of Keys,” (May 2007) and a full-length album, “Be Nice or Leave” (November 2008) The songs written for the latter album all share a common thread—they effectively summarize the band’s experience of rebuilding and staying strong after adversity, and emerging triumphant in the process. “Think of it this way,” says Chichila, “That record is about what its like to be in a band. There were ego problems, we lost friends, we made mistakes- but in the end we were growing up and trying to learn from those mistakes. It’s a very positive record about many not so positive events.”

Recently, the band began a new and exciting project, “The Ska Revival Series,” with a few other regional bands, doing what they can to bring ska shows to cities that don’t have local ska bands themselves. “National acts like to skip over the south. They say there’s no money here. We’re gonna prove them wrong,” says Chichila. "We are starting out within a 6-hour radius of New Orleans- specifically concentrating on Birmingham, AL, Montgomery, AL, Tallahassee, FL, Panama City, FL, Pensacola, FL, Houston, TX, and Baton Rouge, LA. We risk our own money and time promoting these events, never quite sure what the outcome will be. The goal in the end is to build ska communities just like the one we have in New Orleans... It's a lot of work, but a great cause." The revival series has been a success so far, with turnouts of over 100 people coming out in multiple markets. “The future looks good for ska in this region,” says Chichila. “No one wi