Sampler to trigger my beats live, then play guitar, synths, beatbox and sing into a loop pedal. Every show is different, ad-libbing for a large proportion. Insprired by technology, maths, and nature, with an emphasis on changing time signatures.


Started playing making beats on my computer at 14 years, and started a rock band with school friends around the same age. Always wrote vocal rick tracks for the band, and made more avant-garde electronica in my own time. Went to university in 2002 and, with more time on my hands, got much deeper into producing harder electronica, developing a size-able home studio. Came to London after finishing my studies to develop my music with plans to play out regularly, but very quickly became dispondent with how drugs dominate the rave scene (rather than music). Started listening to some of the more interesting rock/electronica bands that have emerged/evolved (e.g. battles, radiohead post kid A) and was inspired to buy some hardware to enable me to mix the live


My first 8 track record is out very soon on Mi7 records. It's called the NOTORIOUS FURIOUS, and is a a mix of hard electronica, folktronica, accapella vocal tracks, and plain guitar & voice. I have numerous plays & interviews on independent stations like Resonance FM & Different Class Radio.

Set List

Sets are usually 25 minutes, or slightly longer. Most of the tracks I play don't have names, or they are combinations of drums from my bedroom tracks with live loops (instrumentation & vox) over the top. Set usually consist of 3-4 seperate movements, cutting to silence or a repeat ambient noise before buildling-a-fresh).