Angry Gods of the Radio

Angry Gods of the Radio


Angry Gods of the Radio is a heavy rock band with one foot in blues and groove rock and the other planted firmly into heavy metal. Huge guitar riffs with visceral and melodic vocals, all held up by an old school bluesy rhythym section.


Buried alive, deep beneath the crust, this rock juggernaut stirs. Awakened by the voice of the masses, it digs and claws through clay, mud, and rotted earth, finally rising to the surface. The juggernaut pauses for breath … wait for the roar. The Gods smile as the beast raises its head to cry at the heavens … and now, all who care to pay attention, know that rock is alive.

Dormant for so long, the behemoth spews soil and blood, taking huge, uneven strides, making waste of anything it comes in contact with. New history is made. What was once considered old is now current. Fresh blood courses through its veins. The steps become consistent, and shake the foundation of the planet.

The movement is what revived the beast. There should never have been room for pause, and those involved with the movement, marvel with pride, at their creation. In 2007, Angry Gods of the Radio will appease the beast’s appetite with their first full-length album … giving it strength and unwavering resolve.

What once was five is now four, but instead of losing ground, the four have found something unique, and much more powerful. Like a bully on the playground, the sounds produced by Angry Gods of the Radio, will push the senses to the very limit of human endurance, and rattle the soul sheltered within, leaving every bit of sickness on the stage. In 2007, Angry Gods of the Radio will release “One Foot In The Fifth World� … in 2007; the evolution of rock will take a giant step towards immortality. Prepare … or perish.


2005 - Self Titled EP - Angry Gods of the Radio
2006 - After the Storm Compilation CD - featured song "Ant Hill"
2007 - One Foot in the Fifth World

Set List

Currently AGOTR has 15 songs at our disposal. We are writing for our second recording as well as adding a creative cover song, or two.