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The best kept secret in music


"Wake up and get angry ("

Writing a review is weird. Putting your opinion out there for anyone to read, and argue with, is a little surreal. Often I have to struggle to find something good to say, in an effort to be fair. I think about how others would hear the music -say, how my mother would like it. But I always try to be honest. Angry Hill's new CD, "Insomniac's Awake," posed the very rare exact opposite problem: It is too good. I honestly have not one bad thing to say. Keith Denehy's vocals are clear, powerful and melodic by turn. As the writer for all the songs on the album, both words and music, Denehy's vision is well executed. The lyrics are interesting and thoughtful. The music is heavy and tight. Even the production on "Insomniac's Awake" is fantastic. The music cuts through bright and clear; all aspects of the sound have great depth. It is hard to believe this is a "local" CD. Unlike a lot of local bands who forgo studios and record in their parent's living rooms, Angry Hill has taken the right tack and gone as professional as possible. And the results prove why spending the money and time is worth it. My favorite track today is "So What". No stomping ground/There's no parade/These cuts don't bleed/need no Band-Aids/To heal betrayal." This song moves and by the end is ripping it up in a frenzy of heavy rythyms and screaming vocals-"So fucking what! I've found different favorites on different days, depending on my mood, I guess. That is the true sign of a great CD. The first time I listened to the disc I was blown away. By the third time I wondered why I had never heard these guys before. "Insomniac's Awake" has fallen into my regular rotation of CDs, somewhere between the amazing new System of a Down CD and No Doubt's sophomore effort "Return of Saturn. If you haven't heard these guys, do so. "Insomniac's Awake" is, in my opinion, the very best of what heavy music has to offer, local or not. - Keith Demanche

"Message to Record Companies"

This is by far one of the best, most professional CD's from a local band I have heard in a long time. As the Music Director at ROCK101, I receive a ton of new music daily from major record labels, but Angry Hill's independently released debut "Insomniac's Awake" far surpasses anything I have received lately! This band totally has their shit together musically and professionally. This is one of those CD's that grabs your attention from the very first note and never lets you go through the entire CD. I am certain that Angry Hill's superb musicianship and professionalism will bring them many opportunities for the future. "Insomniac's Awake" is a "must have" CD! Keith proves his incredible vocal ability on "Exhausted" and Josh's bass lines on "Numb" KICK ASS! But believe me, you will dig every song on this disc! Rock on, Angry Hill!" - Music Director WGIR Rock 101

"Angry Hill music clicks with younger generation"

With the recent chart success of Tool and Staind, it’s clear that aggro-rock is far from being yesterday’s flavor. As such, Angry Hill is well positioned to inflict its gruff guitar riffs and Alice in Chains-esque vocal chops on the world. The Boston-based trio wisely keeps its lyrics down to earth and accessible in “Exhausted”, a vivid song I fully expect is clicking with the young and disenfranchised. The next step in their ascent: take their more than capable unison vocals and make them sound less derivative of AiC’s Layne Staley." - Joseph McCombs (


1998 Main in your Brain (SOLD OUT)
1999 Angry Hill (self titled) (SOLD OUT)
2001 Insomniac's Awake (available)

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Feeling a bit camera shy


The New England music scene is under siege. After an extensive period of strategic planning, the members of Angry Hill have commenced their attack and are quickly being recognized as the band to look out for.

Angry Hill's first EP, "The Man in Your Brain" sold consistently at all area record chain stores, and with the release of their self-titled EP, Angry Hill has taken it to another level. Watch what happens when folks get a hold the newest Full Length CD “Insomniac’s Awake” which has been getting phenomenal reviews and has sold over 4000 copies.

The band has been receiving continuous airplay on many college radio stations; as well as local & prime time spotlight shows on WGIR, WFNX, WAAF, WHJY and WBCN in Boston. The band has also performed live WGIR, WFNX, WHJY and WAAF and has appeared on WAAF's "Real Rock TV".

Music of Angry Hill was featured on MTV's "Road Rules vs. the Real World Challenge". Angry Hill has headlined two years in a row the NEMO Music Conference in Boston. Angry Hill has been nominated for (2) JRP award in Jam Magazine as “Hard Rock Band of the Year” and for “Album of the year”. Angry Hill came in 4th with the MCA Rockstar2K record deal. Angry Hill played in front of 15,000 people for the 10th year anniversary of LOCOBAZOOKA with 10 other National Acts.

Denehy and the Robert’s brothers have formed a close bond with each other that produces their unique sound that has earned Angry Hill a respectable following. Keith's powerful voice, introspective lyrics and extremely impressive guitar work are complemented by the Robert's brother’s talented and solid rhythm. Josh's patented slap-bass lines weave intricately throughout Keith's concrete guitar expressions. The unique harmonies of the band deliver the finishing touch, as the Robert’s brother’s work with Denehy to create the distinctive "voice" of Angry Hill.

Keith's lyrics come from the soul - he says what he feels, and the band's "take no prisoners sound" breathes life into his words. Angry Hill has worked hard for the respect they have achieved in the New England area. They know what they are doing and it is no surprise that their high-profile shows are packed with fans and curious musicians.

Angry Hill understands they need to continually promote themselves and aggressively take charge. This band is the forefront of creativity and has the lasting power to take it all the way.