Angry Old Man

Angry Old Man

 Atlantic Beach, New York, USA

The last band to emerge from the late CBGB's , a hard rocking, bluesy punk band. Nirvana meets Jimi meets Metallica meets Rocket from the Crypt. You can rock out and dance at the same time. Part Punk-Alternative-Funk-Blues-Reggae- and a touch of pop


ANGRY OLD MAN To Whom It May Concern: Straight out of the basement of the great CBGBs and into the hearts of a disgruntled homeland comes Angry Old Man. The voice of a bitter and ripped off America. A three piece band of punks, half-breeds and mudbloods, who are just trying to get their brand of alternative/punk pop rock (with a twist of grunge and blues) out to an unwilling public. So far AOM have made a name for themselves spreading the disgruntled gospel at several of the NYC areas finest clubs, like The Elbow Room, The Bitter End, Don Hills, Finally Freds, The Knitting Factory, Fontanas, Uncle Mikes, The Soul Cafe, Kennys Castaways, The Iguana, The Pussycat Lounge, The Backstage, The Hook, Wild Spirits, 169 Bar, and home base to the myth, CBGBs. They also have been featured on the legendary Jamaican radio station Airy FM, WDCB in Albany, NY, and WRGW in D.C. Led by the by crotchety old fuck himself, Yvan Sehr (evan sear) a singer, guitarist, songwriter the dynamic and unexpected front man was born and raised in New York. AOM produce a sound that has been compared to what it might sound like if Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, and The Ramones and some gypsy ladies were in a massive rocking orgy. Before Angry Old Man was formed, Yvan was a solo singer/songwriter making the rounds of the New Yorks Underground scene. After being briefly singed to a rap label, opening up for Korn (kinda) at CBGBS and working with, then getting ripped off by Miles Copeland, manager of Sting, B-52s and the Police, Yvan finally decided it was time to put his acoustic down and put a band together and thus was born Angry Old Man. Now rounded out by the Matts: Matt Reed (mat read) on bass and Matt Livreri (mat live-eerie) on drums, AOM have released their self produced debut EP, Story and Song ,which serves as a perfect introduction to the funk that is Angry Old Man. They are currently working on the follow up, tentatively titled, Now U Know Asshole. Weve been ripped off, screwed over, taken advantage of, and have been ignored by the industry , but were still rocking with a sneer and a curled upper lip -Angry Old Man


"Story & Song", album released 2010, angryoldmusic
follow up album "lung, lipp, and chin" est release 2011

Set List

We can play about 2 hours, our sets average 45 minutes. Our sets are mostly originals, up tempo and ballads, ex: "Sugar and Hate, Two Step, Rita, Purple Motherfucker, Reset Me, Quatram, Official," and several other, plus some covers, covers change some past- RadioHead's "Creep", Jimi Hendrix "Hey Joe an Purple Haze", Offspring "Gotta Get Away", "Halleluja" "The Four Horsemen" Metallica