ANG, The One Man Orchestra
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ANG, The One Man Orchestra

Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia | INDIE

Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia | INDIE
Band Rock Pop




"Export-Ready ANG"

(Translated from Indonesian)
"Here we have a 5-song EP by a keyboardist from the nationally popular band eVo. In this solo project he calls himself ANG, The One Man Orchestra. To be honest, the songs sound pretty good with memorable choruses here and there. It's just I didn't realized they're all played by one guy only. According to reports, he sings and plays all the musical instruments simultaneously live. That's pretty impressive for an Indonesian! I guess ANG is like a singer-songwriter from the future. He's a like a fresh air in the midst of K-poppers and K-pop wannabees crap that have been invading our radios and televisions nowadays. ANG is a son of Indonesia, a national treasure, and he's definitely export-ready."
- Beben R. (Sound Up Magazine) - Sound Up Magazine

"One Man Show of a New Era"

"Standing front row in ANG, The One Man Orchestra concert gets you several advantages. Besides looking at this beautiful young man up & close, I could feel the music more intimately. Although it was my first time seeing Ang performing solo, being there felt familiar (but in a very refreshing way!). Perhaps this has something to do with seeing him several times on our national TV rocking with his band eVo. But as I said, the familiarity was clouded with a new, refreshing aura. What he's doing nowadays is way crazier and more rejuvenating than anything he had done with eVo before. This guy simultaneously plays 6 musical instruments live all by himself. You just have to see it to believe it. He should break a Guinness World of Records, for God's sake. 
Performing 10 songs in total, Ang kept the pace of the show very smoothly. My favorite is his rendition of The Police's Message in a Bottle where he converted the too-frequently-played song into a fresh sounding, dance-rock epic. I also love the way he slipped in Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams in the middle of the song. On the other hand, his original compositions also sounded amazing with catchy hooks in the choruses and great interplays of dynamics. The Most Exquisite Femme Fatale and Dormancy in Love are two of his songs that capture the essence of Ang very well. It's hard to believe his music sounds so full, and it's all manually played by one guy only. Thankfully the stage was aided with video screen projectors so that the audience could see the close-up look of Ang's hands & feet playing guitar, midi drums, foot keyboards, vibraphone, and some weird, futuristic looking instruments. 
Ang might be good looking, but he's far from being a mere poster boy. Just from seeing him perform tonight, I started to believe that a superhuman level of musicianship actually exists in our world. I wish those pretty Korean boy bands would stop the cheesy dancing & lipsynching so they would give way for somebody real like ANG.  Lastly, the coolest advantage of standing front row in Ang concert is I get to be one of the first to witness & write about an emerging musical revolution." 
-Michelle Tan (Now Jakarta Magazine) - Now Jakarta Magazine


ANG, The One Man Orchestra (EP)
Kisah Cintaku (Single)
Army of One (Album)
Fables of Divination (Album)



The One Man Orchestra

Imagine you have a full band you would have a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer, and an ass-kicking live band sound, right?

Then imagine you have a full orchestra you would have a string section, brass section, woodwinds, timpani, and a grand, majestic, orchestral sound, correcto?

Now imagine the sound of a full band or full orchestra performed by one man only, would that be possible?
For Mr. Ang, the answer is Hell Yeah!

Nothing is impossible for the young man who possess a very rare virtuosity at playing guitar and keyboards at the same time (left hand vs. right). And certainly nothing is out of reach for the visionary musician who performs on stage with a futuristic instrument Air Synth, as his hand sweeps through the air like a mad sorcerer creating musical magic.

From being the keyboard/synthesizer player of eVo (Sony Music Asia), bandleader of Boston-based band Venus Bullet, and to being an associate music professor at various universities, Ang is the personification of music. Graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA) and having gained musical experiences from various parts of the globe, Ang has come a long way from being a regular Indonesian boy to being one of a kind maestro musician he is today.

A vast repertoire he performs ranges from classical compositions to modern songs we hear in our lifetime. All these tunes are coated with infectious grooves and modern electronic sounds, and armed with air synthesizers, simultaneous guitar & keyboard playing, foot keyboards, looping, sampling, singing, vocoder, and the either you have it or not entertainer charisma. Ultimately, Angs massive dj/rock/orchestral inspired music is crystallized in his original compositions that some say resemble weapons of mass destruction (metaphorically speaking of course).

There is only one man who can perform alone and sounds like an orchestra. His name is ANG. He is the One Man Orchestra.