Angus McKinney

Angus McKinney


We are a duo of brothers inspired by music of all genres, but the ones that come through most clearly are rock n roll, the blues, reggae, indie, and singer-songwriter. We operate in service to the song. While trying to play as well as we can, we don't want to take away the power of the song at hand.


Angus McKinney began in a home steeped in music. Joel and Alex grew up listening to gospel music and Christian Rock mainly, but in their drive to find more and more interesting sounds stretched out and found what they were looking for beginning with the fringes of the Christian Rock scene and into the indie rock scene. Jonah Magranga of Far and Onelinedrawing fame inspired them to share the music they felt with others. They view music to be a communal thing, not a performer/audience relationship, but a sharing, close experience to build community and support between individuals engaged in the struggle of life.

Originally named Pendulum, for their wild mood oscilations, Angus McKinney exists to entertain, comiserate, and then elevate their audience through their mix of songs. The brothers Kircher grew up in Chicago, but Joel moved to Central New York for love. Joel plays solo shows throughout the year, but two or three times a year, they pack as many shows into a week or two that they can, and share their high energy brand of indie folk rock with the Central New York region.

Angus McKinney is influenced by many musicians, but the comparisons most often heard are Pedro the Lion, Neutral Milk Hotel, Mountain Goats, Leonard Cohen, and Johnny Cash.


There have been many live recordings, demos and collections put together, but Angus McKinney is now working on their first proper studio album, due out early 2009

Set List

Neither Joel nor Angus McKinney has a typical set list. They tailor their sets for the venue and the ammount of time available. Their covers range from Prince to Dio to Pedro the Lion and the Beatles. Joel regularly plays bar shows where he plays two sets of an hour featuring both covers and originals