High energy anthem rock with plenty of power and meaning. Driven by the unique vocal style of the lead singer.


ANICCA MISSION STATEMENT The word Anicca means, “The nature of all conditioned phenomena is impermanent.” Anicca defines a reality that only exists in the present moment. It is more than just a title to this four-piece progressive rock band from Toledo, OH; Anicca is a deeply appreciated philosophy that motivates the band to challenge themselves, and their listeners to consider new perspectives. It is difficult to assign Anicca to any specific genre – because its sound incorporates a variety of different styles and cultures of modern music. However, Anicca describes themselves as “High-Energy Anthem Rock”. Often compared to such acts as ‘My Chemical Romance’ and ‘Brand New’, Anicca makes a strong impression lyrically. The songs are well orchestrated and always seem to find the appropriate balance between melody and intensity. For lack of a better word, Anicca’s music is ALIVE. The diversity of Anicca’s fan base is a testament to their music’s ability to transcend age, race, and gender. Their songs are important, and easy to identify amongst the mediocre and often disposable artists in today’s music industry. Often defined as “a breath of fresh air”, Anicca is constantly picking up new fans that identify with the honesty and creativity encapsulated by the group. The debut album “Bombs Away” is notable in that every song individually stands alone, yet maintains that familiar “Anicca-feel”. To fully appreciate the band, you must recognize the contrast between one song from the next, as well as the subtleties that connect them. Impermanence is the definition of the bands name – and it is the attitude that encompasses their mission – to make honest, real, LIVING art.


"Bombs Away" - Our first recording. This recording was done at Lava Room Studios in Cleveland Ohio in the spring of 2007. Self released in summer of 2007. Features 8 songs.

Set List

Our set list is always changing. We play songs off our Cd "Bombs Away" and mix in plenty of new songs yet to be recorded. We do not do covers and we can play upwards of hour or so. Generally the set list is between 9 to 12 songs depending on set time restrictions.