Our music is Brutal and Catchy, together we realize that happiness does exist, and can be passed on to others.


Are Influences are anything from old school metal, metalcore, death metal, Pop, and Pop Punk.

What sets us apart from other bands is that we don't look like we would be in a band together but we prove that you can't judge a book by its cover, we have great sound equipment, great ambition to play, and we have a catchy but signature heavy sound.

The Story of ANIGHTMAREWITHIN. How ANW started! When Nick met Roger it started from the two of them clicking well. Then as they took there music to a more serious level, Roger referred Cakie from his previous band (Savior the Mourning / Round House Kick) and Nick referred Adam. With the four of them syncing well they were making songs and in search of a second vocalist and a bass player. There is a long story for the try outs for the bassist but we will get to the juicy part! Nick referred Phil previously from (Safer then Sleep) to play bass and do back up vocals. Together we aim to make music that pleases us and you!. Hope you like it!


We have one Ep its self-titled with three songs. We do not have any music streaming or on the radio but we are in pursuit.

Set List

Our set list is 5 songs: Safer Than Sleep, We All Make Mistakes, Shark Bait ,Revenge is What They seek ,and Escape From Ape City. Our set list is about a half hour to 40 Min.