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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Los Angeles, CA
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Electronic Avant-garde


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aniiml @ Bardot

Hollywood, California, United States

Hollywood, California, United States

aniiml @ Furst Wurld

California, United States

California, United States

aniiml @ The Satellite

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Incredibly powerful -

"Tasty Magazine"

“A perfect marriage of sound and vision”
-Tasty -


“ANML makes some of the most cinematic indie rock on the planet.” -

"Pop Matters"

“This dark collection of tunes pulsates with primal energy, which forms a striking juxtaposition to (ANML’s) voice, which is often manipulated to echo widely against the music that surrounds it. This effect is not unlike what artist like Imogen Heap have done with records like Sparks.”
-Pop Matters -

"Line Of Best Fit"

“Encapsulating the glory of shadows like Bjork, or Lykke Li but also embracing bold pop vibes”
-Line of Best Fit -

"Richard Lewis (comedian, actor)"

Just as I was in my daily funk I heard Lila Rose and all at once I fell in love instantly with rock, lyrics, melodies, sexuality and the thrill of discovering an artist destined to authentically make a mark on music and become a new star to be on the scene to wow us. -

"Highwire Daze"

“A wondrous state of sonic bliss”
-Highwire Daze -

"The Deli"

Booming and bold art. -

"Baeble Music"

“From a man's point of view, there's something undeniably intoxicating about a woman with a villainous voice. Canadian-born singer-songwriter Lila Rose is such a figure that lures you in with her seductive darkness.”
-Baeble Music -

"Oakland Local"

“Her music always packs a punch”
-Oakland Local -

"SF Weekly"

“Whimsical and eclectic, (ANML's) voice, which sounds uncannily similar to that of Joanna Newsom's or Kate Bush's.”
-SF Weekly -

"Higher Plain Music"

It’s easily the most impressive album I’ve heard from a new singer/songwriter… to date and firmly sits in the middle of the fight for our Album of the Year Podium. This is an album that fans of the thinking mans pop can not afford to miss. -

"ION magazine"

“Recommended for anyone who digs stuff like Florence Welch or The Kick Inside-era Kate Bush. “
-ION magazine -

"Micheal Douglas (actor)"

If my heart had a conscience and that conscience had a voice... then it would sound like Lila Rose. -

"Backseat Mafia"

“Part Florence Welsh, with a splash of Kate Bush and a nod towards fellow Canadian (she’s from Toronto) Alanis Morissette.”
-Backseat Mafia -


“If you think Kate Bush meets Björk sounds like a wonderful mix. Listen up!”
-Rothnroll -

"Listen Here Reviews"

“Lila has a unique voice and will be a hit with music fans who are looking for something a little different when it comes to pop music.”
-Listen Here Reviews -

"The Vinyl Anachronist"

This is the first pop/rock/whatever album that actually made think about my next year-end list and what would ultimately be on it… taking the lead. -

"Mostly Midwest"

“Kind of sounds like... Adele turning into a dark queen amongst an ancient ritual in a modern Detroit trap club owned by Marilyn Manson.”
-Mostly Midwest -

"Listen Dammit"

“She reminds me of Florence and the Machine, but goth-er.”
- Listen Dammit -

"Dancing About Architecture"

“The sound of Mother Earth’s pleas being channeled through a musical muse? Sounds like it to me.”
-Dancing About Architecture -

"Music Trespass"

“Too many acts have an album of tracks that all sound the same. Yes have your signature sound… but explore that to the max- which is exactly what Lila Rose does.” -

"Yay LA"

“ANML is a woman of the earth, a feral cat.” -

"Sea Of Tranquility"

I wouldn’t be shocked if super-stardom isn’t just around the corner for this young lady.”
-Sea Of Tranquility -

"Skope Mag"

ANML has burst into our welcoming ear holes with a song that has the fiery force of a thousand suns… we can hear the tension between creating something gorgeous and the pain that you can only find in top class pop music like hers. -

"Barely Rambling"

A great new voice deliciously decadent vocals with just a touch of angels. -

"Berkeley Place"

I’m really not sure what to say about ANML'S “We Animals.” I like it. That’s for damn sure. I really like it. But classifying it? Stacking in the genre cube? That’s hard. It feels like pop, it feels like mood rock, it feels indie. It sounds like Adele. It sounds like Sinead O’Connor. It sounds like R&B. -


“Her sophomore LP, has propelled her into the ranks of California’s finest”
-Thrdcoast -

"Atlas and Anchor"

ANML proves with her stellar debut that she is an unstoppable force in the indie-pop and electronica scene, ready to break out of the club and onto the radio. -


The music of L.A.-based Canadian singer-songwriter Lila Rose — doing business under the name ANML — tackles empowerment, self-worth and other feminist issues with a set jaw and bold lyrics. The ballad “It’s Over” is about finally calling it quits in a toxic relationship, and the documentary-style video for the song offers heart-rending vignettes from 13 women who decided to say enough was enough. Released in conjunction with the National Network to End Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse Awareness month, the video has been translated into 10 languages.

The tune is the first from a forthcoming EP “RELEASE!” Besides releasing a full-length in 2012 and singles in 2014 and ’15, Rose has had myriad songs featured on television (“Lucifer,” “The Royals,” “Vice,” “Bull” and “the Fosters,” among others). Only the clean version of “It’s Over” would make it past the TV censors, but it’s a strong statement either way, made visceral by director Kill Freeman’s video treatment. -

"My spilt milk"

“Rousing percussion and unusual intonations create an intriguing soundscape.” -

"Angelocracy News and Politics"

"When I read something about music that says it's new or unique I do not believe it. It is rare to find any kind of originality in music these days. But that is not the case this time. ANML is like ANML. You really can't compare here to anyone else. Her music , song lyrics , voice , they all belong in the ANML category. The lady has her own thing going on. In the world of music ANML is beautiful and unique like a snowflake." -

"Matthew Forss (Indie World Music)"

“ANML's album will set the stage for creative energies in the genres of alternative, electronic, and pop music. ANML's arrangements are built on futuristic palettes of innovation and foresight that does not sound like anything previously-released by any other artist. Throughout the album, ANML presents us with a theatrical production of stellar instrumentation, a wide vocal range, and a diverse lyrical set of music that is nothing short of miraculous." -


SLAY! (single): Sept 21 2018

IT'S OVER (single): Oct 3 2017

WE.ANIMALS. (album): April 15 2014

Confessions (single): Oct 28 2014

Heart Machine (album): January 10 2012

Obsession (single): Sept 17 2012



Whether her music has slipped into your consciousness behind hit TV shows including Fox’s Lucifer, The Royals, Wentworth, VICE, BULL, So You Think You Can Dance, Mustangs FC, the trailer for VICELANDS’ World of Sports, the trailer for Black Market, Slutiver, Beerland, Reed Krakoff adds, or from her visually stunning live multi-media concerts, ANIIML’s message is strong, her voice is quirkily recognizable, and her passion is contagious.  This Canadian born, LA based singer/songwriter/producer isn’t afraid to walk the edge in sound and in vision.

Puking rainbows, gun to head, exploding animals, human road kill, a pregnant woman on a cross, a forest covered in plastic… she will put herself in the way of comfort in order to bring her message, vision and feelings into the forefront, displayed through her hypnotically “possessed” stage presence.

ANIIML has warmed the stage with notable acts such as MOBY, Emily Wells, Raury, Dreamcar, Waka Flocka Flame, etc. The live show utilizes interactive 3D mapped visuals projected onto a human-animal sized cage which surrounds her, featuring her live band comprised of 3 drummers and a small choir. ANIIML is: Daniel Burdman on the electronic drums/guitar, Ryan Fyeff on the acoustic drums, and Lila Rose as their fierce front person, and third drummer. 

From her numerous television and trailer placements, her stunningly intense live show, to her provocative videos and photography, ANIIML brings a genre best described as "hardcore witch pop".

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